Several excellent domestic WordPress theme and its author website recommended

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This article shares several very good, value-for-money purchases of WordPress Chinese themes. The theme author's website uses the WordPress theme of their own development.

These themes are designed to be concise, beautiful, functional, compatible, responsive layout, various gadgets, powerful backstage.

Most importantly, the authors of these WordPress Chinese themes are constantly updated to maintain their themes, and in different market environments and technical backgrounds, they will also use different technologies and designs to upgrade their themes, and after the purchase, they will enjoy continuous renewal maintenance services.

Special statement: This article is by no means advertising, Turtle Island is committed to find a webmaster to build a good thing, just objective to share the best things to hit everyone.

1. University of WordPress

WordPress University's representative theme is WPDX (WordPress University) Theme template, Cms/blog dual style, responsive layout, PC, tablet, mobile phone and so on can be normal browsing, 20+ gadgets, Picture Lightbox, Lazyload, powerful and perfect theme settings backstage, Support WordPress Latest Version ...

WordPress University focus on the construction of WordPress station teaching, provide WordPress theme, wordpress plugin, wordpress code and WordPress tutorial, such as a one-stop service, so that everyone can become a master WordPress.


2. Large Front End

The theme of the large front-end is the D-series theme including D8, D7, D-simple series, flat design + good user experience + perfect background control, good support for various intelligent terminal equipment, tablet, mobile phone, 7+ sidebar gadget (with rotation ads), a variety of sidebar combinations; 6+ separate pages: submissions, tags, Archive, reader wall, friend chain, case display; browser support ie7+.

Big Front End is an independent blog that focuses on front-end development, user experience design, WordPress theme


3, M-Front

M-Front representative theme is the first high-imitation IFANR lightweight paid theme Ifanr Theme, based on Html5+css3+ajax development, compatible with all major browsers, with a mobile version, the theme built-in 8 gadgets, integrated SEO, statistics, advertising, announcements, social sharing, Donation, such as more than 10 practical functions, can be set from the background, the background has more than 40 settings options to maximize your personalized customized needs.

M-Front is a personal blog of the sub-culvert, focusing on front-end development and WordPress theme development, sharing personal experience and some of their own tinkering with the gadgets.


4, Jeuvi

Jeuvi (Jiawin) is the theme Javin-theme, responsive layout, perfect adaptation to a variety of screens, one-stop multi-device support, the use of a large number of CSS3, so that the site more rich, simple and understandable HTML5 structure; Six page templates: Reader wall, announcement page, links, Archived pages, submission pages, convenient background settings, header navigation with pull-down articles, page views, different sizes of thumbnails in various places, Feed with thumbnail output, user-friendly HTML5 comments, comment box with simple text editor and emoji popup, comment floor display, comment email reply notification Keywords automatically link in the article, the article page automatically invoke related articles, preview button, download button short code call, SEO optimize the site title and description, compatible with the current mainstream browser.

Awareness is a sharing design blog, advocating user-centric design, focus on user experience design.


5, the private plots of the initiative

Private plots representative theme is Cmhello, responsive design, 8 color, home CMS, blog dual layout optional, responsive 3-level menu, support fixed top, picture light box, lazyload and so on, perfect compatible with WP 3.8 The latest version!

The private plots is willing to evaluate the Internet station resources, share wordpress theme, wordpress plugin and WordPress skills, recommended free station application and build software, for independent blog friends to provide the best possible help.


6. Devework:devework Theme

Devework theme is a wordpress theme developed by WordPress enthusiast Jeff for nearly a year, based on HTML5+CSS3 development, compatible with ie7+ and other mainstream browsers, theme seamless, deep integrated mobile version (mobile version), Has a powerful background theme settings page, providing 7+ gadgets and page templates, integrated SEO, Ajax comments, bulletin boards, short code, social sharing, related articles, ads and more than 20 practical functions. A heart-created theme!


7, xiaoying zhi: original WordPress theme Minty

Minty is a small fresh style WordPress theme, using HTML5+CSS3 to achieve a responsive design to perfect the mobile side, support WordPress 3.1 new all the article format, support AJAX comments and List page unlimited loading, built in 8 theme colors. The theme is named Minty, hoping to bring you a refreshing browsing experience!


8, Wine Street: WordPress Original Theme Invoker

The theme author has done the theme with no distractions and polished it as a piece of artwork. This is by far the author's favorite work. It has a lot of innovations you've never seen before, and warm intimate details that you'll love it.


If you don't want to spend money on themes, take a look at the 6 free, powerful, and constantly updated WordPress themes that this article has to share, though it's free, but the design and functionality of the theme is no less than the charge theme.

1. WordPress Responsive Theme Zanblog 2.0 (using BOOTSTRAP3 framework)

Zanblog is a Bootstrap3.0-based WordPress theme made from the Internet of the lost sites, with a flat design style of Bootstrap3.0 and free download.

2. WordPress Theme ProwerV6

3. WordPress Picture Theme ReeooV3

4. Fatesinger Theme

The author has released 2 paid WordPress themes, 1 wordpress themes for internal use, and 3 free wordpress themes. Free WordPress Theme, there is a light version of The Imitation Love fan son theme Presscore Lite.


5. Multi-Dream Theme 2014

Multi-Dream Theme 2014 is a WordPress theme based on Bootstrap V3, the theme is responsive design, support for PC, tablet and mobile phone multi-device access, also has a fast version of mobile phone theme, greatly improve the user's mobile phone access speed and user experience.


6, Robin theme

Several excellent domestic WordPress theme and its author website recommended

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