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I found a website that is also focused on the related fields of Web2.0 like me. There is an article I want, this is an incomplete list of over 450 Web websites, mainly about online collaboration websites, email-related, Image Generation, podcast-related, multimedia-related, and image storage, web applications such as RSS, Web search, personalized homepage, and Time Transaction Management. Only the content under the main category and category is listed. For details, click "category" to view details.

  • Collaboration with others (Online Collaboration)

    • Calendars/meetings (calendar/party)
    • General resources)
    • Databases (database)
    • Drawing)
    • Office suites)
    • Presentations (PPT Collaboration)
    • Project Management)
    • Spreadsheets (Excel Collaboration)
    • Writing documents (document collaboration)
  • Communication)
    • Bulletin Boards (announcement board)
    • Chat boxes (Chat Room)
    • Instant Messaging (instant communication)
    • Miscellaneous (Miscellaneous)
    • Network Creation)
    • Question/answer services (Q & A Service)
    • Sending/copying files/data (file data transmission replication)
  • Discovery resources (resource discovery)
    • Books)
    • Food)
    • Films/movies (movie resources)
    • Games (game resources)
    • Miscellaneous/General (other resources)
    • Music)
  • Email)
    • Disposable addresses (remove Email Address Service)
    • Newsletters)
    • Miscellaneous (Others)
  • Humour (humorous)
    • Games)
    • Humourous images (Humorous Image)
    • Miscellaneous (Others)
  • Images (generation of) (Image Generation)
    • Buttons (Button generation)
    • Fonts (font generation)
    • Icons (icon generation)
  • Miscellaneous resources (other resources)
    • Computer Related)
    • File formats)
    • Miscellaneous (Others)
    • Widgets (small plug-in)
    • Wishlists (desire List)
  • Mobile)
    • Mobile phone Resources)
  • Multimedia (Multimedia)
    • Audio (audio)
    • Multimedia (Multimedia)
    • Podcasting)
    • Visual (Visual Media)
  • Photographs (image)
    • Flickr related (related to Flickr)
    • Photograph sharing/hosting (Image Sharing storage)
    • Photographic manipulation (image operation)
  • RSS
    • Creating feeds (create feeds)
    • Miscellaneous (Others)
    • RSS readers (RSS reader)
    • Submitting feeds (submit feeds)
    • Tags, tagging (tag-related)
  • Searching the Internet)
    • Search builders search contributor
  • Shopping)
    • Bill paying)
    • General Finance (financial related)
    • Shopping)
      • Price comparisons (price comparison)
  • Start pages (personalized homepage)
    • Start pages (personalized homepage)
  • Storage online (online storage)
    • Backup services)
    • Storage (Storage Service)
  • Time management (practice management)
    • Notetaking)
    • Time management (practice management)
    • To do lists (to do list)
  • Training/teaching (training/education)
    • Tutorial software (educational software)
  • Webpages)
    • Annotating)
    • Bookmarking)
    • Miscellaneous (Others)
    • Pagewatching services)
    • URLs and shortening)
    • Widgets (widget)
  • Websites)
    • Creation of websites (website creation)
    • Domains, checking (domain name query)
    • Passwords/registering (password/Registration)
  • Wikis (Wikipedia)
    • Comparisons (comparison)
    • Creation (create)
  • Web 2.0 directories and reviews (Web2.0 directory and comment)
    • Directories (directory)
    • Reviews (comment)

In fact, I have a similar list before, but it is not so perfect. So in some cases, I will also resummarize the Web sites I have previously written about web, summing up the incomplete list of tianyao haige, I think it is especially important to think of a more rational classification method as there are more and more websites in Web2.0.


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