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When users operate MindManager, they experience a slow mindmanager process and a percentage of high CPU usage that can affect the MindManager experience. So how to solve this problem, this article for you to answer, how to mitigate the operation MindManager slow process, high CPU usage percentage.

Problem Description: The MindManager process is slow or shows that the CPU usage ratio of the computer is too high (in a non working state).

Problem Analysis: MindManager encounter graphic-intensive situations or XML formats will cause excessive CPU usage ratios, especially when dealing with large maps or opening multiple large maps at the same time.

The number of open maps, the number of issues in the map, the number of records used, hyperlinks, the size of the picture in the map, will affect the speed of the MindManager. For a large map, 50-100 MB of memory usage is a normal condition. It may take 5-10 seconds to work on the map to process the content information in the Guide map. How much the MindManager run is affected depends on the PC you are using.

Workaround: MindManager The following methods will help to improve the mindmanager speed of the operation:

  1. Reduce the hard drive acceleration for your graphics card

This can be done by changing the properties of your Windows display. Right-click your desktop into the Control Panel > Display Show. In the Settings bar, click Advanced Advanced Options. In the troubleshooting bar, slide the hardware acceleration option to the left, and you can try to measure the best for your system.

2. Delete background picture

Reduce the number of background pictures. You can right-click the workstation and choose the background background option. You can choose to remove pictures to reduce the use of memory.

3. Turn off visual effects under Tools > Options > General you can find visual effects options for visual effects. Turn off all the options.

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