Solution where host configuration does not take effect

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Analyze the possible causes and give the appropriate solutions.

In the first case, when you open the browser, modify the Hosts file on the disk, such as adding the original "", save the Hosts file, In the browser URL bar input, is not blocked, because the system will be copied to the hosts in memory, IE browser read the Hosts file in memory, and we modify the disk hosts file. This is good to do, we close the browser, then the system will release the hosts file occupied by that part of the memory, we open the browser again to visit, we found that has been blocked. Equivalent to clear in memory. Read the new

The second case, is the file suffix name, if the first case has been ruled out, it may be your hosts file has an extension, the hosts file itself is no file extension, if accidentally added such as txt file extension, it will be invalidated.

In the third case, open the Properties page for the locally connected Internet (TCP/IP) protocol, click the Advanced button on the General tab, select the WINS tab, check "Enable LMHOSTS query", and then press the "Import LMHOSTS" button to import c:/windows/ System32/drivers/etc under the Hosts file, so that when you start the browser, you will find that the site has been blocked, the hosts file into effect.

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