Some configurations after PostgreSQL installation is complete

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设置数据目录,一般使用环境变量 PGDATA 指向数据目录的根目录。
目录的初始化是使用 initdb 来完成的,-D 后面加上自定义目录的路径


PostgreSQL有3种日志,分别是pg_log(数据库运行日志)、pg_xlog(WAL 日志,即重做日志)、pg_clog(事务提交日志,记录的是事务的元数据)


Log_statement = ' All '
Logging_collector=onlog_directory='Pg_log'Log_filename='Postgresql-%y-%m-%d_%h%m%s.log'Log_rotation_age=1dlog_rotation_size=100mblog_min_messages=info# record execution slow sqllog_min_duration_statement= -log_checkpoints=onlog_connections=onlog_disconnections=onlog_duration=Onlog_line_prefix='%m'# Monitor long-time lock log_lock_waits in database=on# record DDL operations Log_statement='DDL'

Restart PostgreSQL after saving to see the newly generated log under $pgdata/pg_log/


Pg_ctl stop-m fastpg_ctl start
or use the following command
Pg_ctl restart
The command to re-read the configuration file for the DB instance is as follows:
Pg_ctl Reload [-S] [-D DataDir]
Start the database service
pg_ctl-d PGDATA Start

Some configurations after PostgreSQL installation is complete

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