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Some thoughts on the internal business of Google

Today read an article "6 days Journey of Google internal Entrepreneurship," I have some feelings, said more specific points, should be very excited. Remember myself in the Graduation design phase (my graduation project is in the office of the company to do), at that time especially want to do a real-time reminder to use the software, but no such time, because the company did not give me such a time.

In my opinion, I like Google's internal entrepreneurial mechanism, mainly because of the following two points: 1 time to master very well. Google has not made it to extremes because of its admiration for innovation, which accounts for only 20% of the time spent working. Writing here, I suddenly thought that the company's leadership once said, we all know that innovation for a person, a company, a country's importance, but always give people a sense of little wool, slogans shout a lot, but really give innovators the number of opportunities. 2 evaluation system. "Inside Google, there is a list of top 100 items that are moving at any time, all from 20%, and each engineer can vote on the project." This mechanism will ensure that good projects emerge and are supported by other engineers. "Such a mechanism will not only be able to select outstanding ideas, but also to the company's internal staff to build a good platform for communication."

Dialectical materialism that: everything has its two sides, can not say that Google's internal entrepreneurial mechanism is unassailable, but after all, the excitement and risk of the advance than the conservative confusion and compromise gives people a greater appeal.

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