Sourcetree Skip the initial setup method for Windows

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Sourcetree installation package:

Link: Password: 42us

nodev6.9.0 and Git

Link: Password: HYDJ then on a wave of installation, do not start the busy point, or start the first switch off, to do the following: find: %LocalAppData%\Atlassian\SourceTree\ 安装路径后
  • Create a new file named under this directory accounts.json .

  • Use to 文本文档 open this file and save the following copy to it.

  • [  {    "$id":"1",    "$type":"SourceTree.Api.Host.Identity.Model.IdentityAccount, SourceTree.Api.Host.Identity",    "Authenticate":true,    "hostinstance": {      "$id":"2",      "$type":"SourceTree.Host.Atlassianaccount.AtlassianAccountInstance, SourceTree.Host.AtlassianAccount",      "Host": {        "$id":"3",        "$type":"SourceTree.Host.Atlassianaccount.AtlassianAccountHost, SourceTree.Host.AtlassianAccount",        "Id":"Atlassian Account"      },      "BASEURL":""    },    "Credentials": {      "$id":"4",      "$type":"SourceTree.Model.BasicAuthCredentials, SourceTree.Api.Account",      "Username":"",      "Email":NULL    },    "IsDefault":false  }]

    Note: The Windows system file suffix is hidden by default, you need to display the file's suffix name, and then create a new one 文本文档 , the full name of the file can be changed accounts.json .

  • Note: After the start will ask you install does not install a what east, each time is not allowed, then this time I test, directly choose not to install on it. Very fast speed in use

Refer to Address: HTTPS://WWW.JIANSHU.COM/P/3478E2A214A1

Sourcetree Skip the initial setup method for Windows

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