Speed can not reach the speed of telecommunications broadband, how to do?

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The use of wireless routers, computers or notebooks, mobile phones and other speed can not achieve the speed of telecommunications broadband. For example, your broadband from the telecommunications application for 12M, the use of routers after the test speed value of only 4 m, then need to do the following troubleshooting.
About speed: operators to provide broadband rate units for Mbps, and the speed of the software or download software units for mb/s,1byte=8bits, please pay attention to unit conversion, such as 12mbps=1.25mb/s.
For the measurement of the actual bandwidth is not up to the problem, we are divided into the following two kinds of situation to introduce solutions:
One, the computer cable connection speed slow
Second, the cable speed normal, wireless speed slow
1 , excluding other terminal interference
Routers can provide more than one computer to share the Internet, when there are other computers in the intranet downloads, games and other Internet applications occupy bandwidth, will result in the speed of the actual bandwidth can not be achieved.
Disconnect other terminals that connect the routers, including wired and wireless terminals, and use only one computer wired to the router's LAN port for Speed measurement. Even with 1 PCs + 1 routers + 1 broadband network structure to speed.
2 , select the authoritative software speed
Test speed, please use the official speed of the mobile web site or other commonly used speed tools: 360 broadband speed, thunder and other BT download software download a number of hot resources speed.
Note: do not use the online search of the speed of small tools, may be the software itself problems will lead to unreliable speed.
Please test the tool more than a few times, with a number of sets of data to compare, lest the speed of the software server instability impact test results.
3 , shutdown computer background related programs
If the computer opened the Peer-to-peer software or its hidden process, more typical of PPS, PPTV, BT, thunder and other video or download software, these software even without any download operation, will also download, upload data in the background, thus affecting the speed.
It is recommended to install computer Butler and other software on the computer, monitor the flow of each software process, if necessary, close the related process, confirm that no additional processes occupy the bandwidth, then test the speed.
4 , turn off the speed limit (bandwidth control)
Login to the Router management interface , click on the Device management >> Host network to confirm that there is no speed limit for the velocity terminal, the following figure:
If the router is a traditional interface, login admin interface, click IP Bandwidth control , confirm not checked to open IP bandwidth control .
5 , check the WAN port rate Settings
If the router's WAN port speed is 10M, the speed of a broadband line larger than 10Mbps will affect the speed of the computer, please confirm that the WAN rate is set to self negotiation.
In the Router management interface, click Routing settings >> Internet settings >> Advanced Settings /c12>, confirm that the WAN port rate is automatic negotiation , as shown in the following figure:
If the router is a traditional interface, in the admin interface, click Network Parameters >> WAN port rate and Duplex mode , select for automatic negotiation .
Note : Some traditional interface routers do not support the adjustment of the WAN port rate, by default, automatic negotiation.
6 , Port suitability
There is a certain degree of adaptability between the broadband network cable and the router WAN, which may affect the speed of the terminal at the router, and try to change the network cable at the WAN port and then speed it again.
1 , check the wireless maximum rate
Check the wireless terminal or wireless router to support the highest wireless speed, if one of the two than the application of broadband small, then use the wireless terminal speed can not reach the broadband size. For example, broadband for 100Mbps, wireless router or terminal support for the highest wireless rate of 54Mbps or 150Mbps, the use of wireless terminals to test the speed, can not reach 100Mbps.
In general, 100M Broadband uses more than 300Mbps of routers and network cards to experience full speed effect.
Note:150Mbps wireless rate, in the actual environment can be up to 80Mbps or so.
Wireless router or wireless terminal support the highest wireless rate, please consult the appropriate manufacturers.
2 , excluding other terminal interference
Disconnect your router's wired terminal and other wireless terminals, use only one wireless terminal to connect to the router, and ensure that no other terminals use the wireless network or transmit data to avoid affecting the test results.
3 , check the wireless signal strength
When testing the speed, please close the wireless terminal to the router, in the case of strong signal speed. If the distance is too far or there are partitions or obstacles, will affect the wireless terminal negotiation rate, resulting in inaccurate speed.
4 , turn off the speed limit function
Log on to the router management interface, click on the Device management >> Host network , check that no speed limit is set for this terminal, as shown below.
If the router for the traditional interface, login management interface, click on IP Bandwidth control , confirm not checked to open IP bandwidth control .
5 , check the wireless settings
In the router management interface, Check the wireless mode defaults to 11bgn mixed, band Bandwidth For automatic , if the choice is 11BG mixed, 11g only mode, the router's wireless rate becomes 54Mbps, on the big broadband line, may cause the wireless network speed test to be inaccurate.
In a traditional interface router, do not use WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK TKIP encryption, or the router wireless rate will become 54Mbps.
6 , avoid wireless interference
Test speed, do not in the router or speed terminal around the use of wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, cordless phones and other equipment, due to the possible interference between each other, affecting the test results. In addition, to avoid the impact of other wireless devices, the router management interface to adjust the wireless channel is 1, 6, 11, and then test again.
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