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Access | data | Database SPL 3.0 official release, upgrade instructions

After a period of modification, SPL finally rose to 3.0, to 3.0, mainly because of the addition of two types of connection: Odp.net and ODBC

Odp. NET greatly enhanced SPL access to Oracle databases, the current use of odp.net to connect Oracle is the best choice, related articles can be found on the Internet, quite a lot.

ODBC is a new feature of the. NET Framework1.1 that can be used to connect to other types of databases in an ODBC manner.

As a result, the above two connections are enhanced so that SPL can support multiple databases more strongly.

SPL3.0 has basically revised some bugs in last version 2.0 and has mainly added some new features.

SPL3.0 Revised BUG:

1. Date comparison times for Oracle databases the error is due to the fact that Oracle dates are not as SQL, but rather to use to_date () conversion, which is currently an automatic conversion of Oracle database connections. Supported connection types are: Oracle and ODP

2. Revised multiple primary key deletion error, 3.0 in the use of entity. Delete () no more errors.

3. Use Addmatch (), Addmatchprefix () for numeric columns in SPL2, the system will complain, 3.0 has been repaired, and all match operations in 3.0 are also in effect for numeric columns.

SPL3 new Features:

1. Add a connection to the Odp.net connection Oracle, which is the best way to connect to Oracle at present. NET, simply install the odp.net92 and use type= "ODP" in the SPL database configuration Databasemap.

2. Add the top feature of query, which is the same as Retrievecriteria, which is primarily in the SQL environment, because the current SPL use is to produce effect statements such as "Select top n", so this is not currently supported for Oracle.

3. The condition condition class adds a suffix matching feature addmatchsuffix that generates a similar '%AA ' effect

4. The Conditiont condition adds a suffix mismatch feature addnotmatchsuffix, which produces a similar effect as not like '%aa '

5. Increased support for OBDC connections, where you can use a SYSTEM.DATA.OBDC connection, and you can use the OBDC connection as long as the database connection is configured to Type= ' Odbc '. There is a separate chapter on how the connection will be presented.

6. Extend the connection mode so that SPL is no longer limited to the following connection: Setting.instance (). Databasemapfile=server.mappath (Databasexml);

Instead, you can manually add data connections and manually configure Classmap loading, which facilitates the integration of SPL with other systems. A separate chapter on data connectivity is described.

7. Increased CommandTimeout control of stored procedures, as in the execution of stored procedures, sometimes the stored procedures are time-consuming, the need for CommandTimeout manual control, default to 30 seconds, 0 is unrestricted. The runprocedure is covered as follows:

Query.runprocedure (String storeprocname,idataparameter[] ps,string dbname,int commandtimeout)

Query.runprocedure (string storeprocname,idataparameter[] param,out int affected,string dbname,int commandTimeout)

Publish in the same way as the last 2.0, as long as you download my sample source code, there are detailed instructions to use:
Smartpersistencelayer 3.0 Sample source code download: Http://www.cnblogs.com/Files/tintown/SPL_WebTest3.0.rar

Thank you very much for your support for SPL after the release of 2.0.

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