SPL3.0 officially released! Supports multiple types of database access!

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SPL3.0 was officially released. After a period of modification, the version of SPL has finally increased to 3.0 to 3.0, mainly because two connection methods have been added: ODP. NET and ODBCODP. NET greatly enhances the SPL's ability to access Oracle databases. Currently, ODP is used. NET is the best choice for connecting to Oracle.

The official release of SPL 3.0 indicates that after a period of modification, SPL has finally risen to 3.0, which is expected to rise to 3.0, mainly because two connection methods are added: ODP.. NET and odbc odp. NET greatly enhances the SPL's ability to access Oracle databases. Currently, ODP is used. NET is the best choice for connecting to Oracle.

SPL 3.0 officially released, Litre Level description

After a period of modification,SPLFinally rose3.0To be promoted3.0, Mainly because two connection methods are added:ODP. NETAndODBC

ODP. NETGreatly enhancedSPLPairOracleDatabase access capability, currently usedODP. NETConnectionOracleIt is the best choice. You can find related articles on the Internet. There are quite a few.

ODBCYes. NET Framework1.1New features can be used for other types of databasesODBC.

Therefore, the above two connection methods are enhancedSPLMore powerful support for multiple databases.

SPL3.0In the previous version2.0Is partially modified.BUGAnd added some new features.


1.PairOracleAn error is reported when the database compares dates.OracleThe dateSQLSimilarly, you can directly use the string method, but useTo_date ()Conversion, currentlyOracleThe database connection is automatically converted in this respect and supports the following connection types:OracleAndODP

2.An error occurred while deleting multiple primary keys,3.0In useEntity. Delete ()No error will be reported.

3.SPL2For numeric ColumnsAddMatch (),AddMatchPrefix (), The system reports an error,3.0This has been fixed3.0AllMatchThe Operation also takes effect for numeric columns.

SPL3New features:

1.Added a pairODP. NETConnectionOracleThis is the current. NETConnectionOracleThe best connection method is to installODP. NET92, InSPLDatabase ConfigurationDatabaseMapUsed inType = "ODP"You can..

2.AddedQueryOfTopFunction, thisTopFunction andRetrieveCriteriaSame, mainly acting onSQLBecause the currentSPLUseTop"Select top n", Therefore,OracleThis method is not currently supported.

3.ConditionSuffix matching is added to the condition class.AddMatchSuffixWill generateLike'% AA'Effect

4.ConditiontThe suffix mismatch function is added to the condition.AddNotMatchSuffix,SimilarNot like'% AA'Effect

5.AddedObdcConnection support, in. NETAvailableSystem. Data. ObdcAs long as the database connection is configuredType ='Odbc'You can useObdcConnection mode. The connection method is described in a separate chapter.

6.Extended connection mode to enableSPLIt is no longer limited to the following Connection Methods:Setting. Instance (). DatabaseMapFile = Server. MapPath (DatabaseXml );

Instead, you can manually add data connections and manually configureClassMapLoad, which is convenientSPLIntegration with other systems. There will be a separate chapter on data connection.

7.Added the storage processCommandTimeOutControl, because the stored procedure is sometimes time-consuming during execution, you needCommandTimeOutManual control. The default value is30Seconds,0Is unrestricted. PairRunProcedureOverwrite:

Query. RunProcedure (string storeProcName, IDataParameter [] ps, string dbName, int commandTimeout)

Query. RunProcedure (string storeProcName, IDataParameter [] param, out int affected, string dbName, int commandTimeout)

The release method is the same as that of the previous 2.0 release. You only need to download the source code of my example and have detailed instructions for use:
SmartPersistenceLayer 3.0 sample source code download: http://www.cnblogs.com/Files/tintown/SPL_WebTest3.0.rar

Thank you very much for your support for SPL after the release of 2.0.

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