Spring Cloud Finchley is officially released with 4 major updates!

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Spring Cloud Finchley was officially released on June 19 on the official spring blog, and we also saw the latest version of the update in the Maven Central warehouse.

Finchley official version of the release seems to have experienced a considerable amount of time, is really stuffy sound big wealth, this major release has brought the following 4 major updates.

Major Update 1, new Spring Cloud Gateway components

Spring Cloud Gateway is a next-generation API gateway based on spring Webflux and responsive Netty to replace the spring cloud Netflix Zuul. It provides simpler dynamic routing and filters for each route (such as address rewriting, circuit breakers, add/Remove request headers, current limit, security, etc.).

2. New Spring Cloud Function component

The main functions of Spring Cloud function are as follows:

    • The implementation of business logic is promoted through a series of functions;
    • Separating the development life cycle of the business logic from any particular running target so that the same code can run as a WEB endpoint, a stream processor, or a task;
    • Supports a unified programming model across serverless providers and has the ability to run independently (local or PaaS platforms);
    • Support for enabling Spring Boot features on serverless providers, such as automatic configuration, Dependency injection, metrics, etc.
3. Compatible with Spring Boot 2.0.x

The Finchley version is built on spring boot 2.0.x and is not officially recommended to work with spring boot 1.5.x and previous versions.

4, minimum support JDK 1.8

The JDK threshold has improved, and 1.8 is now the mainstream.

For more details on the update, please refer to the Official Spring blog.


Other versions life cycle

The release of the new version indicates that other historical versions are gradually exiting the historical stage, and Spring has officially announced the closing time for other versions of the service.

    • Camden

Now it's time to end the life cycle.

    • Dalston

The life cycle will end in December 2018.

    • Edgware

End the life cycle with the end of Spring Boot 1.5.x.

At last

If you can't tell the meaning of these versions, read one of my previous articles, how do I choose Spring Cloud Multi-version? Help you with your doubts! , for more technical articles on spring Cloud, please see the summary of the spring technical tutorials in the Public topic menu.

@ yards What version are you using now, what do you think of upgrading this version? Welcome Message!

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Spring Cloud Finchley is officially released with 4 major updates!

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