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Description of resumable data transfer and Garbled text
Q: I heard that filezilla cannot be resumed? A: That's the old version. Now the new version is okay.
Q: I heard that filezilla has garbled characters in processing Chinese files. A: This is the case, but it is not a bug. For the reason, see solution 3. First, if you respect the standards, you can use filezilla's server and client at the same time. Second, to compromise with reality, use the non-UTF-8 version of filezilla server, such as v0.9.14. Click here to download. Three is, with the reality of compromise, with the patches provided by the Tommy hero Group_id = 171626 & package_id = 196135 & release_id = 429471
Cause: Since filezilla server v0.9.15 (and the corresponding Client Version), according to RFC 2610 specified method, which uses the UTF-8 by default. Other servers and clients do not use this standard. That is, when the server and client are talking, filezilla uses a UTF-8 as soon as it comes up, unless the other party shouts utf8
Off; most other ftp products use local encoding unless the other party speaks utf8 on. Therefore, when filezilla talked to other software, there was a utf8 lecture, which was locally encoded, but we didn't know whether utf8 was on or off. So: Garbled!

1. Why is FTP enabled?
Because FTP is a dedicated File Transfer Protocol, it is the most reliable for uploading and downloading files, and its permissions and speed can be flexibly set.
I use ftp to share files with others occasionally or remotely process files on another computer.
2. What software should I choose?
Standard 1, of course, is free. You do not need to spend money or piracy.
Among free tools (many of them are free), I chose filezilla because it is small, powerful, easy to use, and open-source software, with a bright future. There are also many users and problems are easy to solve.
Filezilla has both clients and servers. I use less FTP, so I use IE or total commander for the client, and only use filezilla server.

3. Download
Download: 0.9.19 Download
Chinese garbled Patch:

4. Installation
Install components:
Accept the default options, as shown in.
1st items are equivalent to the main program and must be;
The configuration page (user/directory/permission) is required. Unless you are willing to study and hand-write XML files.

Installation Method
Q install filezilla server as a service and start it with Windows
Q install filezilla server as a service, but start it manually
Q does not install filezilla server as a service or start automatically (not recommended)
I chose 2nd items because I only occasionally enable ftp.

Then, you will be asked how to start the management interface. If the server is manually started, the management interface is also manually started.

5. Installation successful
The following files are installed:

6. Run
Double-click filezilla server.exe and click yes.

At this time, there is no interface, because it runs in the background. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. You can see
It occupies a small amount of memory, less than 3 MB.

7. Settings
Run filezilla server interface.exe. The interface is as follows. OK.

Then you can see

Click the icon or the menu edit-users to enter the following interface, create a user, and set the password.

Create accessible directories for this user as follows:

Now, you can access FTP.

8. Complete the filezilla client interface(Click to view the big picture)

9. Do you think filezilla is not simple enough? Please try typsoft FTP Server
See typsoft FTP server: small and versatile free FTP Server

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