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There are two reasons to write this document,

One, around the use of Mac friends more and more, often someone to consult some common use problems, such as: "Why the interface in the upper right corner of the red Button fork off, the program has not been closed?" such as And I don't want to see a lot of people using OSX only with the most basic functions. Let them go to Google Bar, after checking back to ask you, so prepare to write an introductory article on my personal experience, so that someone asked, directly to the blog address to him on the line. Two, a few days ago wrote an article "from the Mac OS x Lion", mainly review and summarize the nature. As a result, it was a great honor for me, given the high honors, that we should do a bit more solid work if I had been referred to by a number of unidentified people as Apple's shooter.

For ordinary users, the use of good Mac has three main points:
1, understand the basic structure and characteristics of OSX
2, master Multi-gesture and shortcut keys (small, more)
3. Use good Tools

Here are the following:
First, understand the basic structure and characteristics of OSX
Mac OS x itself is a Unix kernel, so it's very fast and smooth to have Linux/unix experience with kids ' shoes. No relevant experience of children's shoes do not have to be sad, after reading this article, you will soon let yourself embarrassed.

1, User directory: OSX uses a UNIX multi-user system, all users of the directory are in the/users directory, the user logged into the system, their own user directory is generally public, pictures, documents, downloads, music, movies, sites, desktops, libraries (resource pool in lion has been hidden, Through the terminal can be found), of course, this is OSX for Chinese users to do internationalization, open the terminal (click on the left column of the Finder, the application-----and utility--and the terminal, of course, we will show how to use the launcher to open the application quickly), input LS, You'll see the real catalog name: Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Library, Movies, Music, Pictures, public, Sites. Continue to enter the CD/in the terminal, switch to the root directory, type LS so that you can basically see the full picture of the Unix directory.


So in Mac OS X, do not dwell on the C-disk D-disk, the separation of data and programs, because they are separate. No special needs, no need to partition, all the data can be placed in your user directory, if you feel that the system provides a directory is not enough, you can add your own directory. About data files, can be organized according to their own preferences, you can also throw a brain into the documents directory, the need for documents, through the Ctrl+space shortcut key to call out spotlight, ask to know (in the tool section will do the introduction). Other pictures and audio files, according to the system provided by the directory placement can be very simple and clear.

2, Finder and dock--resource management: Finder is OSX's resource Manager, provides a variety of resources to browse the way, the left column is a personal collection and device information. You can drag and drop your favorite folders to the left sidebar favorites area for quick access. Finder on Lion has added "All My Files" and "AirDrop" wireless sharing. The Finder provides a quicklook (Quick Preview) function for all files, to see what the effect is, select a PDF or MP4, and click the Space key. The dock is the equivalent of a shortcut to resource access and provides the functionality of the stack in addition to quick access to the program. Drag and drop the resource folders that need quick access to the dock, right-click the relevant folder in the dock, change the display to grid, and then click on the folders in the dock, the effect is as follows, you can also quicklook, or you can open the file directly:


3, application installation and uninstallation: It has always been a great value for OSGi technology, and after using MacBook, I think OSX technology is also very good. In the end, it is found that Bundle,osgi encapsulates Java programs and resource files in bundles, and all applications in OSX are bundles. For the average user, all the programs you see in the launchpad are like an icon, but this icon is not a shortcut in Windows, but a packaged bundle, which is a folder from the point of view of the program, and for ordinary users, this icon runs the program. The others don't need attention. Bundles are designed to be dynamic, and it is this design that makes it easy to install more than 95% of the software in OSX. If you are turning from windows, you will think that installation and uninstallation are simply outrageous. The installer is to drag into the/applications (application folder), uninstall is to remove the program from the directory, that's enough. For the cleanliness of the child boots, you can refer to the tool section of the Clearapp,clearapp can find all the app-related files, the user decides whether to delete. So you can understand that more than 95% of the software in OSX is "Green software" in Windows.

4, disk Image: As the name implies, the disk image file can be directly attached to OSX, its representation is like a disk partition. The disk image file is similar to the ISO file commonly used under Windows, but the Mac suffix is dmg. The DMG file can be opened directly by double-clicking, and the attached disk image can be found on the device in the left column of finder. DMG files are the most common way to organize files under your Mac, and almost all of the installers are published in DMG mode. In general, the installer is to open the Publish file DMG, there is an app file and application folder, the app can be dragged into the application. Alternatively, we can use the disk utility to partition the existing hard disk and restore the DMG file to the real hard disk file.

5. State hold: Many software under OSX has the function of state keeping. Open file, browse, close. The next time you open the file, it will automatically revert to the last file's progress. Preview (read pdf), audio and video software (such as itune and Mplayerx, etc.), Pages, keynote, etc. all have this function. Lion has done much more in this regard, and the full-screen state of the files is remembered. For example, you open a PDF file, read it in full screen, and then use Command+q to close, and the next time you open the PDF, it will automatically fullscreen. The new feature of Lion's focus on "re-entry" is basically recording the status of all the Windows programs, restarting the program after the shutdown restarts and reverting to the state before the program shuts down.

6, Mac OS x maintenance: 1, do not need to install anti-virus software, 2, generally only need to periodically through the disk tool to verify and repair Disk permissions. In addition to the relatively smooth upgrade of Mac OS x series, I upgraded from Leopard--snow leopard--lion, never completely new. Or I haven't re-installed the system since I used OSX.

Second, master Multi-gesture and shortcut keys (small, more)

Master a lot of gestures and shortcut keys can effectively improve productivity, trackpad and shortcut keys basically let you get out of the mouse. I will not say a lot of gestures, Apple's official website and operating system comes with instructions already very detailed. I'll briefly describe a few of the frequently used shortcut keys.

  • Command+tab switching applications In any case-forward loop
  • Shift+command+tab Switching applications-loop backwards
  • Command+delete Move the selected resource to the Trash
  • Shift+command+delete emptying the trash for related programs
  • command+~ switching between multiple windows of the same application
  • Command+f calls out most of the application's query capabilities
  • command+c/v/x copy/paste/Cut
  • Command+n New application window
  • Command+q exit the current application, the top left corner of all the application interface has red and yellow green Three small icons, click on the green extension to the most suitable window size, yellow minimized, red off the current window, but did not exit the program. Use COMMAND+Q with Command+tab to close applications most quickly
  • Command+l the current program is a browser, you can directly navigate to the address bar
  • Command+ "+/-" to enlarge or shrink the font
  • control+ Launch key display shutdown dialog box
  • Control+space Exhaled Spotlight
  • Command+space Switching Input Method

Oxs under the shortcut key is very many, for ordinary users, according to the 28 principle, with good use of the above shortcut keys, has been able to solve a good part of the efficiency problem.

Third, use good tools

1. Search
Spotlight is a powerful search tool with OSX, which can be searched all the while. With Spotlight, you can find anything on the start computer when you type text messages. You can find documents, e-mail messages, applications, songs, contacts, and so on, or you can set up to get quick definitions or perform simple math calculations.
The Spotlight menu is located in the upper-right corner of the screen with a magnifying glass icon. Tap it to start the search. The default hotkey is Ctrl+space.

Spotlight retrieval speed is very fast, in addition to the first initialization of the index occupies a lot of resources, usually are incremental index, the user basically will not feel anything.

Lion also adds a quick preview feature to the resources you have searched for.

So when I introduced the user directory and the file, I said that under OSX you can not do the file collation, as long as you remember the file of any information, through the spotlight can quickly locate the file.


2. Launcher (starter)

One of the main roles of launcher is to quickly locate and launch applications, as well as calculators, locate files, open Web pages, Google search, and so on, which are the software prerequisites for using your Mac. Related software recommended two, are free applications, Alfred and Quicksilver.

  It is recommended to use Alfred, which can be downloaded directly in the App store, relatively lightweight. The default hotkey is Option+space, if you want to open a Twitter for Mac, just four shortcuts, option+space out the window, enter T, and go in.
In an input box such as a calculation expression, for example 200/999, the result is automatically calculated as 0.2002002. Enter find and text information, find the most recently used files, and more.


There is an article on Alfred has a more detailed introduction, please refer to:

Quicksilver command More, more powerful features, like to use the Internet search tutorials, here is not much to say.

3. Fan Control

Recommended Smcfancontrol,macbook dedicated fan control software, free, with silver students can donate to developers. MacOSX is not sensitive to fan control, the CPU temperature is high when the fan speed increases, then the machine surface is already relatively hot. With this software, the fan speed can be controlled freely. Summer air-conditioned room generally 3000-4000 turn is enough, winter generally do not need to open. Complaining about the hot baby boots on the MacBook surface, hurry up and put it on, it's not hot.

4. Office software

Recommended three sets: IWork (pages,keynote,numbers); Microsoft Office;openoffice, the first two are charge software and the third is freeware.
All iwork software can be downloaded directly from the App Store, with 20 knives each. Microsoft Office can be purchased from the official website, or it should be CD media.
At present, most of My Documents work on the iwork, recommend that you use iwork on Mac, get started quickly, the efficiency and effect are good after the habit. Specifically please according to their own use habits of choice.

4. Browser

Popular browsers include Safari, Firefox, Chrome, opera, and more. After updating Lion, Safari became the browser I used the most. Reading lists and readers work together for a good result. Multi-gesture swipe navigation (switching between browsed pages) and tap scaling are also the essence of user experience design. No doubt it's free software.

5. Enhanced resource Management

There are two small software that allow you to manage resources and windows more handy.
The Totalfinder:finder plugin adds multiple tabs (like Chrome's multi-tab), dual-pane, and UI settings to the Finder. Fee software, 18 knives.
Breeze: Window management software, OPTIONG+1/2/3 corresponding maximized window/left Half screen window/right half screen window respectively. Fee software, 8 knives.
Functionally, these two software is a bit expensive, I was bought a limited time package, I feel acceptable.

6. Mail

If you have upgraded to Lion, the system-provided mail will be your choice, and Mail on Lion has a large-scale improvement over the original version 4.5, with a lot of merit in terms of UI and functionality, as well as the management of mail sessions, full-screen experience, personal favorites, and more. Currently MAIL5 should be the best mail client I have ever used.

Still in use snow Leopard's child boots, the system Mail4.5 is also a choice, the heavy degree Gmail user recommends Sparrow, can download directly from the AppStore, 10 knives.

7, Input Method: OSX itself is still relatively weak input method, recommended to use Sogou Pinyin or fit (smart Pinyin), are free software.

8. IM

The OSX system comes with ichat as a choice, supports Gtalk,yahoo, etc., but does not support MSN, although it can be configured to support, but more cumbersome. Other optional QQ for MAC,MSN for Mac,skype for MAC, there are integration tools Adium and Trillian.
At present, I am using Trillian, integrated msn,gtalk,twitter and so on, the performance is stable, the user experience is also good. Free software that can be downloaded directly from the App Store.

9. Audio-Visual Entertainment

Recommended Mplayerx,mac under the play artifact, almost all-in-all audio-visual format. Well, it's almost, it's a very modest statement. Free software that can be downloaded directly from AppStore.
If you need smart matching subtitles and social features, recommended shooter AV, premium software, 2 knives, can be downloaded directly in AppStore .

10. Download

The existing network conditions make downloading software not as beautiful as before. Even the breakpoint continues to upload Firefox is supported. So recommend a free software Folx.
Peer software can use Amule, the same features as the electric donkey under Windows.
Here to particularly recommend Thunder offline download function. Thunderbolt uses its own powerful hardware resources (bandwidth, server group and storage capacity) can be achieved fast offline download, most of the resources directly to kill, after the user only need to use a short time to download the resources from the offline Thunder server to the local (the network can be good to achieve the M-level download speed). In the download aspect, the offline Thunderbolt does not provide any resources, but provides the very attractive service ability, the expense is also very low, probably several dollars each month appearance. This is the real cloud service.

11. Virtual Machine

VMware fusion,parallels Desktop (Premium software)
VirtualBox (freeware)
For details, refer to:

12. System Cleanup

Max OX s basically doesn't need system cleanup software, and the neat kids boots can consider using Cleanapp and cleanmymac to optimize and clean the system.
Cleanapp, Fee software, about 15 knives.
Cleanmymac, fee software, about 30 knives.

13. Efficiency Software

EverNote: Excellent note software, support multi-terminal cloud synchronization, used to know. Free, download directly from AppStore, only a large amount of monthly synchronization documents will be charged.

Wunderlist: Excellent To do list software, support multi-terminal cloud synchronization, multi-party collaboration, user experience is excellent. Free, download directly from AppStore.

14. Reader
RSS reader software used several, the final choice of Reeder, reading experience is very good, known as the best RSS reader on Mac platform, support multi-terminal. Charge software, directly from the AppStore download, 10 knives. After the use, really good, value for money.
With the Kindle Store account on Amazon, the Kindle for Mac should not be missed, the reading experience is very good, the multi-terminal reading support progress synchronization, similar to Apple's icloud.

15, Compression: Iunarchive and the Unarchiver, are appstore on the free software, the majority of software support compression and decompression.

16, Dictionary: European Road Dictionary, free, download directly from AppStore.

17, CHM: Two free software ichm and Chmox can read the CHM suffix document, ichm layout and text is better, CHMOX support Chinese better, any choice can be.

Originally wanted to write a simple beginner's introduction, the result is so many, also surprised me unexpectedly. This article is primarily for Mac users or developers who have just turned to the Mac platform, so there is no development-related tools or technology involved. I hope to have help, and then someone asked me mac use problem, also can have an account, this is one of the purposes of this article.
There's a lot of free software available on Mac OS X, some of it is charged, and with the Mac APP store, the available software is more colorful. So I personally not only optimistic about the iOS platform, but also optimistic about Mac OS x platform.

Software piracy is a topic that can not be avoided, my consistent attitude is:
1, piracy is certainly wrong, if the use of pirated software, at least to have the heart of guilt.
2, on the basis of economic strength allowed, as far as possible with the genuine, especially programmers. Programmers don't support programmers, how can they expect others?

More and more people around the use of Mac, often asked about MAC usage and technical problems. Then decided to publish a #mac skill # every day. At the same time release Tumblr and Public accounts "Mac Tips", number Sagacity-mac, have an account of children's shoes scan or search number can be

Start using Mac OS x--for new Mac

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