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1, the company's industry or field distribution
Software testers in the company of communications and the Internet, application software, finance and other industries accounted for the second, the other industries have software testers distribution, which fully demonstrates that the software testing in each row has a certain proportion.
This questionnaire has optimized the distribution of the company's industry or domain. According to the survey data, software testing practitioners in the company's industry, mainly distributed in the communications and Internet service industries and applications industry, the proportion of 40.1%, 22.1% respectively. Second, the financial sector (finance, banking, insurance, etc.) and other industries, the proportion of 11.5%, 8.1% respectively.

Distribution of the company's industry or domain in the 2013 survey
The survey data show that software testers in various industries or fields are distributed, not limited to communications and the Internet, application software two industries, from the other side also reflects that software testing in all relevant fields are indispensable.
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