Survey shows: IT industry employing more than 30% of job requirements

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It industry has always worshipped technology. If you want to enter the IT industry, especially if you want to get into it, most people think that a candidate has no strong professional skills, but now this view is outdated. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "Urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"/>

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It personnel account for job requirements 30%

Chinahr new August Industry position demand shows that the month, computer software, Internet e-commerce, IT services/systems integration, electronics/Microelectronics, computer hardware/network equipment and other IT-related industries, is still a large recruitment, the total demand for the number of job seekers accounted for more than 30%.

Good business helps you grow

Last week, at a press conference at Microsoft IT College, human resources departments such as Microsoft and Hisoft International said that the skills of selecting talent were no longer an absolute factor.

Hisoft International Vice President Yueanxin said companies in the election will not simply look at the degree of education. It is very important for the enterprise to have a passion for the job and really like what you are doing. As for the professional and technical ability is not the strongest, we believe that good enterprises should be able to provide a good platform to help employees grow.

In this connection, Microsoft China said that as early as 2005, Microsoft and Colleges and universities, launched a professional It talent training program, "Microsoft Campus it Curriculum", so far more than 100 college students have entered the first position of Microsoft and cooperation agencies. The new "Microsoft IT College", will also help domestic colleges and universities to develop cutting-edge it technology, with practical experience of talent. The world famous Opera software company also launched its first round of campus tour last month, including China's 14 universities worldwide. Its educational program includes a complete online practice web Design course, student representation courses and internship opportunities. Opera said it hopes to help students learn and understand the Internet, and hope to use it to dig potential talent.

Value concept is more important

The reporter learned from last week's IBM internship graduation ceremony, the current IBM "Blue Road" internship program, there are 60%-70% interns finally accepted by IBM as a formal staff.

Are interns, why someone can stay and someone can't stay. Bai Yan, Human resources recruitment director of IBM Greater China, explained. IBM believes that the choice of talent when the main focus on the first is professional knowledge, the second is the value of the concept, the latter is particularly important. Because if all are university graduates, professional skills and knowledge structure is not very different, if almost, the day after tomorrow can be cultivated. But the value concept often determines the essential difference between people. IBM believes that the attitude of doing things to be correct, in addition to self-learning ability to be very strong, but also a high self driving force, and finally need to have adaptability, communication and teamwork spirit.

Yueanxin also said that the applicant in addition to enthusiasm, like the work done, if the job seekers are willing to personal growth goals and business growth goals together, this person is basically the enterprise needs talent.

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