Swift-Usage of the Date selection control (Uidatepicker) basics

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Pure code Creation Date Selection Control 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (import  Uikit   CL-K-A-day) ass  Viewcontroller:  uiviewcontroller  {       override  func  Viewdidload () {         super. Viewdidload ()                    //create date selector           let  datepicker =  uidatepicker (frame:  cgrectmake (0.0, 0.0, 320.0, 216.0)         //Set the date selector area to Chinese, the selector date is displayed as Chinese           datepicker.locale =  Nslocale (localeidentifier:  "ZH_CN")          /Note: The method name in the action needs to be preceded by a colon ":"          Datepicker.addtarget (self, action:  "datechanged:",              forcontrolevents:  uicontrolevents. valuechanged)          self. View.addsubview (DatePicker)      }           //Date Selector Response Method      func   datechanged (DatePicker:  uidatepicker) {        //Update Reminder time text box          let  Formatter =  nsdateformatter ()          //Date style          Formatter.dateformat =   "yyyy mm month DD Day HH:MM:SS"          print (Formatter.stringfromdate ( datepicker.date)     }        override  func  Didreceivememorywarning () {         super. didreceivememorywarning ()     }}
3, date selection control text changed to Chinese
The text in the default date selection control is in English, and if you want to display Chinese, you need to set the area of the date selection control as follows setting 1 2//Setting the date selector area to Chinese, the selector date is displayed as Chinese Datepicker.locale = Nslocale ( Localeidentifier: "ZH_CN")
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