Swift-use of segmented selection controls (Uisegmentedcontrol)-Basic usage

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1, select the control's creation and listen for the control selection value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 import  uikit   class  V Iewcontroller:  uiviewcontroller  {       override  func  viewdidload () {         super. Viewdidload ()                    //options In addition to text can also be pictures           let  items=["option One", "option Two", UIImage (named:  "star")!]   as  [Anyobject]          let  segmented= Uisegmentedcontrol (items:items)          segmented.center= self. View.center           segmented.selectedsegmentindex=1 ///default Select the second item           Segmented.addtarget (self, action:  "Segmentdidchange:",              forcontrolevents:  uicontrolevents. valuechanged)   //Add Value change monitor          self. View.addsubview ( segmented)     }            func  Segmentdidchange (Segmented:uisegmentedcontrol) {        //Get Options Index           print (Segmented.selectedsegmentindex)          //Get selected text          print ( Segmented.titleforsegmentatindex (Segmented.selectedsegmentindex))     }}
2, select the selection of the control add and remove 1 2 3 4 5 6//Add Text Options Segmented.insertsegmentwithtitle ("New Options", atindex:1,animated:true); Add Picture Options Segmented.insertsegmentwithimage (UIImage (named: "icon")!,atindex:1,animated:true)//Removal options Segmented.removesegmentatindex (1,animated:true);
3, modify the option color (including picture options) 1 segmented.tintcolor= uicolor. Redcolor ()
4, modify option Text 1 segmented.settitle ("Swfit", forsegmentatindex:1)
5, modify the option picture 1 segmented.setimage (UIImage (named: "icon"), Forsegmentatindex:2)
6, modify the option content offset location 1 segmented.setcontentoffset (Cgsizemake (10,7), forsegmentatindex:1)
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