Ten years of SEO skills experience

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For doing SEO professional company, SEO has special attention to the place and quick ranking skills

First, the overall framework of the site is better. Domain name is the best main product of Hanyu Pinyin, do not be similar to the name of the famous website. Last time I had a client do a glass partition please add the link description, the domain name is windows58.com, such a domain name similar to the famous site has 58 of the same city, Microsoft Windows are very powerful opponents. And the chain in the post is very powerful. Like doing a good ranking, it's not easy.

Second, in-depth understanding of Baidu, 360, Sogou, God horse search engine algorithm change situation. Baidu is no longer included in the article contains the contact information of the Web page, and the image with the contact information is no longer included in the text.

Third, the major search engines to increase the protection of the original efforts. The internet is always the most lack of quality content, so in the SEO regularly update the site, do not copy others. Even the pseudo-original is very good.

Four, Baidu increased its own "hundred", "Bear paw" support, weight has tilt, has the characteristics of priority display. So enterprises should keep pace with the times and open corresponding accounts.

Ten years of SEO skills experience

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