Tencent gaming platform launches game failure solution

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1, download official version, do not under that kind of what to advertising, green version and so on

2, start the game failed, always show "game running", How to do?

First, please check that the game is already running, TGP currently does not support the open game client, if you have opened the game, you will not be able to start.

Second, if no game is running, open Task Manager to see if the game process still exists, and if so, try to start the game by manually ending the process.

If no game is running and the process of the game does not exist in the Task Manager's process list, try restarting the computer before you start the game


3, why has the game been closed, but still show "game running"?

This is because the game has not yet completely exited, please try to start the game again later

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