The change before and after the old boy's operation

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Thank the old boy teacher:

Although I am not very good, but the change here is really a lot

Before the old boy training, learned some technology, but the forward response is not so clear, because there are some reasons, and halfway. Later after my little brother introduced to the old boy, before coming to worry, I can learn it, my English is poor, those commands how to recite, there will be these questions. When coming here, the teacher will let their graduation salary written to the writing board, the students are writing good high 1W above, feel good pressure. Because junior high school will not read, learning ability and self-study ability are not very good, so teachers often encourage us, will his ideas to share to us. Whenever the class, the teacher will be the last issue of the work to find the salary to us to see, the motivation of learning ah. Here to change a lot, here is clear to know the way to go, no longer like before to the Internet cafes playing games, if the old boy training is good, in such a good time, delayed a few years, now came here. In the old boy here, teachers, students are affecting you, they are your motivation to learn, refueling bar friends.

This is the old boy teacher gave us a few words:

1. Keep Faith and passion,
You will have the motivation to act, infect yourself and others, old boys often with young passionate people.
2, focus on things,
Focus, just a point, and then drill down like a nail, do deep, such as learning old boy architect
Cloud computing class and get deep.

3. Unity of knowledge and line,
That is, the Executive force, not only know, but also to do, do 28 of the law of 20% of people, light this point to achieve is the people, the growth of the old boy witnessed.
4, continuous learning,
Learning is the most valuable and cheapest investment, especially before the age of 35, 28 of the law of 80% of the people are not aware of, realize that, do not, the old boy invests more than tens of thousands of brain each year.

5, constantly self-improvement. Constantly reflect on their own gains and losses, and constantly improve! To make themselves more and more perfect, the old boy on the side of the lecture will come out of the new ideas always end, after class immediately re-update lectures lesson plans, improve the teaching ideas, the next better.

———————— thanks to the old boy education

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The change before and after the old boy's operation

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