The comparison between embedded system and computer systems

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Recommend a book on embedded entry: Embedded system design (Chongqing University Press, author Pens). I recently also took a good look at some of the content, combined with our previous classes to learn some embedded knowledge and the previous operating system and the composition of the principle, with the following summary, is a time for this book to learn the knowledge of a summary, but also the knowledge of the previous study a review.
Personally, the learning of embedded systems should be contrasted with the learning of computer systems.
For computer systems, we know that his components are software and hardware. Software has an operating system and a variety of applications. The main operating system is the Windows series and Linux series. Generally we are in a certain system to do some application development. Hardware includes: CPU, memory, disk, register, and some peripherals including network cards, graphics and display devices (of course, the circuit board is certainly available). This knowledge must be known to all, and there is no more wordy here.
For embedded systems, his components are divided into software and hardware. Software has an operating system and a variety of applications. The operating system mainstream has embedded Linux series and embedded Windows series. Specific selection of which series, also look at the CPU and other hardware. Of course, the more common operating system is embedded Linux. The advantages of Linux I will not be more verbose. There are both similarities and differences between embedded Linux and PC Linux. From the root, embedded Linux is derived from the PC Linux system. Another point needs everyone to remember, that is the specific embedded: strong, targeted. To put it bluntly, the embedded system is specifically designed for a particular application, targeted very strong, for those are not very necessary things, we can give up, plus some of the things we need. So the difference between our embedded Linux operating system and our PC Linux system is that we remove some content that is irrelevant to our needs and finally add something necessary. The operating system described here is the operating system of embedded systems, of course, when we develop this embedded system, we definitely need to develop on our own computers, and our computers need the operating system. Which is the operating system of the PC. Generally speaking, the target machine (that is, we say the embedded system) of the operating system and host (that is, we use the PC) is not necessarily linked. We can also install a Windows system on our own computer and then develop an application that runs on an embedded Linux operating system. This is all OK. Of course, the operating system of our PC is not the same, and the development tools we need are different.
For the embedded system hardware introduction, we still need to compare with the PC. For embedded systems, we need CPU, memory, circuit board, network transceiver, as well as LCD, keyboard, horn and other peripherals. These peripherals are specific requirements. The choice of CPU is also based on the specific circumstances. Memory general RAM and so on. External storage devices generally do not use disk, more is the use of flash. Because the flash reads conveniently, the volume is small, the cost is not very high. Or that sentence, according to the specific circumstances of choice. Generally we are based on the specific need to select the CPU and memory, and then select the operating system according to the hardware.
My major is computer science and technology. Compared with the study of the electronic communication of Daniel, it is really a big knife in front of Guan Gong. And the system of learning embedded also less than one months, so there must be an understanding of the wrong place, I hope you put forward, we learn from each other.

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