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Many people think that SEO optimization of the whole station and keyword optimization, is to send external links, often update the content on the site. In fact, SEO whole station optimization and keyword optimization way, very different.


For the distinction between whole-station optimization and keyword optimization, we need to understand some concepts first:

Site weight (Domain level authority): As a site as a whole, in the search engine has the weight. We give an example to illustrate the site-level weight: as a two-level domain name, has a very high weight. The benefit is that the domain name of all pages, there will be a relatively high initial weight, even without any SEO in the case, can still be in the Serps (search results) to get a high ranking. This is the meaning of the site weight, we can through the "original article rankings than reproduced reasons: weight gain" This article to understand some about the weight of the site knowledge.

Page Weight authority: Only as a Web page, in the search engine has the weight. We still take the above Baidu Encyclopedia example: a SEO optimized article, sometimes in the search results, ranked in the Baidu encyclopedia. This is to say, the page weight of the article more than the Baidu Encyclopedia of the page weight of the entry.

We know the keyword optimization, in fact, is a kind of web page weight optimization embodiment. Its characteristic is through the SEO technology means, lets the webpage contain a certain keyword, in Serps the search result occupies the relatively high rank. Here we need to explain is that the homepage is also just a Web page, can not represent the entire site. It only means that you will be a target keyword and the homepage of this special page optimization is better.

This is why our site's keyword ranking is very high, but the site is not very high traffic reasons. Because even if a target keyword has more than 1000 of the daily Average search volume, and a site will be the target keyword to do the first, the overall site traffic is not very high reasons. Because of its SEO process, the weight is almost concentrated in a particular page (generally the home page), and can not bring traffic from the content page (long tail word rankings and the introduction of traffic).

After knowing this knowledge point, we should understand the importance of SEO whole station optimization. and enhance the weight of the whole station and SEO optimization is a step-by-step process, in a short period of time can not see very obvious effect, which is why many sites do not want to spend a lot of effort to optimize the whole station SEO one of the reasons.

But in fact, SEO optimization for the whole station for the enterprise or E-commerce site, is a very necessary strategy. Let's take a recent example of a very famous SEO case to illustrate:


We know that the so-called Baidu Weight query tool through the "from Baidu to convert the flow of 0-10 of the value of" this principle to achieve. (see "How to avoid error using SEO webmaster tools to cause optimization over"). As we can see from the above picture, Beauty says that you can get up to 824,796 visits per day through Baidu. At the same time, we can see that most of the flow of the source, is some of the word beautiful and even with the content of the site is completely not related to the word. When we click on these words, we find that most of them are 404 pages (that is, the page does not exist or has been deleted).

We have reason to believe that beauty does not optimize the word itself. The only possible is, beautiful said SEO whole station optimization makes the site's overall weight is very high, thus driving the station all index words weight.

The same truth, when we go to see Jingdong, Amazon, Ctrip and so on site, will find that SEO optimization of the entire station to bring their flow is far greater than the flow of its home page (Long tail > goal).

We summarize: In certain areas, such as hospital/electrical business/community/social and other areas, SEO optimization is far better than the keyword optimization (web optimization) brought about by the traffic to be objective, while in some other single or specialized areas, the effect of Web optimization is more obvious.

Therefore, when we carry out site SEO, the first is to determine the type of site and engaged in the field, so as to develop relevant SEO strategy, can effectively the site through the SEO way to promote out. We have also written the relevant article "website SEO detailed steps detailed", interested readers can look.

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