The electricity business giant to cool the cold chain investment heat

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In addition to platform-type electricity quotient, the vertical class electric trader also is not outdone.

May 31, 2012, Shun Fung-Yun's Global food optimization network shopping mall shun Fung Optimization officially online, covering fresh food and other nine categories, more than 70% for imported food. By the end of 2013, its cold chain fresh products have covered Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other 11 cities. Shun Fung optimization of fresh food relying on the implementation of the "whole cold chain distribution", that is, when the commodity left the reservoir area after sorting and packaging operation venues with temperature control conditions, load temperature box transport, the delivery of goods into the insulation bag door-to-door send.

October 17, 2013, specializing in the provision of raw and fresh goods of the consumer Online mall Tuo Tuo, for the National 32 cities officially opened cold chain logistics raw goods distribution services, in addition to the Beijing outside the fresh business and third party logistics cooperation, the whole cold chain service.

Guotai Securities analyst Huang Kun in a research paper, said platform-type electric dealers prefer the original business-to-business cold chain business extension of Third-party Logistics, using the existing business-to-business distribution network, in the main suppliers and sales outlets between the logistics distribution, downward extension of the business, the third party logistics enterprises, such as the representative of the fast line. Compared with the self-built cold chain direct distribution system, the operation cost of this type of model is lower, the product price is cheap (about 50% cheaper than the direct mode), but due to the use of a large number of third-party cooperation mode in the terminal delivery link, the response time is longer, the service quality is obviously inferior to the enterprise of the cold chain. Vertical electric operators such as Shun Fung optimization and Tuo tuo industry is preferred by the construction of the cold chain direct distribution system, from the site to the end of the need for distribution of cold storage, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerators, refrigerators, all their own purchase, and responsible for operating services, the advantage is a short response time, good service quality, the disadvantage is the high cost of distribution.

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