The exciting new features of IBM DB2 express-c 9.5.2

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As you may already know, DB2 Express-c is the DB2 free community version. You can apply it to a product, or distribute it in an application system, or just use it for simple development purposes, and all of this is free! Although DB2 Express–c can only use two processors and 2G of memory, you can install it on servers of any size, and there are no restrictions on the size of the database. This is a fairly generous donation compared to the community version provided by other vendors.

The 9.5 edition of DB2 Express-c was released in November 2007. Since then, several important improvements and new features have been added to the new version of DB2 Express-c. Although these features were originally only in the DB2 billing version, they are now integrated into the latest release of DB2 express-c version 9.5.2.

By the time of writing, the DB2 express-c team was doing the final quality test for the official version of all the platforms supported by the Community edition, but this article was published earlier than expected, and the official edition has not yet been released, but you can still use the download from October 2008 DB2 The beta version of Express-c.

By using the new version of DB2 express-c You can fully experience the following new features:

DB2 text Search, which is newly integrated into this product, allows you to perform fast retrieval in a text column;

Task Management Scheduler allows developers to schedule tasks in a regulated manner;

Support localization-sensitive sequencing, supporting the ordering of local cultural habits;

PureXML enhancements, such as the LOAD function that supports inserting data into an XML document;

Many enhancements for JDBC, SQLJ and. NET clients and drivers.

In addition to the improvements to DB2 express-c 9.5 and the addition of new features, DB2 express-c 9.5.2 also patched the defects found since 9.5. For a repair list, refer to the "Reference resources" section of this article.

DB2 Text Search

DB2 Text Search should be the most important new feature in DB2 version 9.5.2. DB2 Text Search allows you to use SQL, sql/xml, and XQuery statements in the DB2 database to perform text searches on the data stored in the DB2 database. For example, suppose you have developed a WEB application for your company, an IT magazine. The company's Web site allows readers to comment on the article and store it in a table called Article, as shown in the following table:

Table 1. Structure of the Article table




varchar (30)


varchar (100)

101 The JOB market for Database professionals Awesome article! I ' ve been working as a DBA for ten years, and this one's right on the mark!
101 The JOB market for Database professionals What is the difference between a database Architect and a database Administrator?
105 Working with ORM frameworks Nice to know how are these frameworks work!
102 New with DB2 express-c 9.5.2 Glad to the new features coming out with the DB2 ' s new release. Hi ibm!
105 Working with ORM frameworks Great article. thanks!

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