The Fever of SaaS mode

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Recently, the news, sharing the Xiao, this goal began to cut off the contraction, the SaaS wind stopped, the capital paid to see returns, seems to have no hope of the result. Maybe the users don't pay as much as they expected.
The problem is where. The models proposed by these enterprises, including to do China's Salesforce, most of the pointcuts in the CRM and OA, in several "SaaS Summit Forum" is also reflected in most of this, but I have been in doubt, Chinese enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises are facing hundreds of customers need to manage it. Employees are also more than the tube, need to sign in the phone, the report must go to the flow of sales. Please, China is now a "manufacturing" power, not the "service" Big Country, many small and medium-sized Enterprises management staff Limited, the management level is simple, the face of the customer is only more than 10 years of stable customer, so I do not think of the management of enterprises to produce strong help, many enterprises registered to use, a little, The SaaS model focuses on continuous use and expansion, deep use and expansion of ongoing services, and even personalized services.
SaaS not wrong SaaS model proposed actually for many years now may be some old, and now even useful "cloud" concept to repackage, the development of modern information technology, if limited to the individual or an enterprise of local closed information operation is certainly not the trend, enterprise information processing way towards open, Service is also the general trend, and enterprises are now more and more accept this model, although the past enterprises on information security and other issues have various concerns, now also feel that opening up will bring more opportunities, more advantages than disadvantages. And the fast and cost advantages of SaaS are attractive.
Enterprise's pain point in the Enterprise Informatization, ERP, invoicing and other management software has become a protracted war and stalemate, both sides in this respect are exhausted, the first party application results rate is not high, the effect is not satisfactory, party B money is not good to earn. Enterprises do not need to manage software, they need simple, fast, integrated mobile Internet, suitable for their work content of the information tools, including real-time interactive work content, quick decision response and other functions.
SaaS Prospects SaaS model of the Fever is good things, let us calm thinking how to provide practical services to enterprises, after all, our country has tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, this huge market needs us to use innovative mode to break through, the prospect is very optimistic.
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