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Are you still having to spend a lot of time and effort on blog optimization? It doesn't matter. with the following 20 plug-ins, you only need to concentrate on blog innovation and writing! The best 20 wordpress blog seo plug-ins: AllinOneS

Are you still having to spend a lot of time and effort on blog optimization? It doesn't matter. with the following 20 plug-ins, you only need to concentrate on blog innovation and writing!

The best 20 wordpress blog seo plug-ins:

All in One SEO Pack-One of the most popular plug-ins on the wordpress platform, this Wordpress plug-in can help you select the best article title and keywords, and prevent repeated content publishing. With this plug-in, you can add independent keywords and summaries for each page, and prevent the archiving page from being crawled to avoid Google downgrading.

Automatic SEO Links-Automatic SEO Links allows you to select a keyword or article title to automatically link, for example, we can set the "network marketing blog" Automatic link URL to " ", when the word "network marketing blog" appears in your post, the plug-in automatically adds the keyword to the link. You can set the keyword to an internal or external link, set the anchor text, and select whether to add "nofollow" for the link. This plug-in also features the same automatic link only once in an article, avoiding excessive optimization and causing search engine penalties.

Google XML Sitemaps-I personally think this is an SEO plug-in tool required for every wordpress blog. Although google's xml site map generation tool is used, the XML-sitmap generated by the plug-in can also be read by search engines such as ask, msn, and yahoo.

HeadSpace2-this plug-in allows you to install various types of meta-data, add special javascript and css code for the page, and tags prompts. it is also a very useful SEO plug-in.

Meta Robots WordPress plugin-you can add metadata for search engine Robots to any page of your blog. Adding the nofollow attribute to pages and directories is very important for blog stores created using the web service membership program and can avoid duplicate content indexing by search engines. You can also prevent indexing on login pages and archive pages.

Nofollow Case by Case-this plug-in allows you to remove the nofollow attribute in the article comment. you can choose which article supports dofollow for comment, so as to avoid the use of dofollow comments throughout the site, prevent spam comments.

Platinum SEO Plugin-Platinum SEO Plugin supports automatic 301 redirection of permanent links, automatic generation of meta tags, and post slug optimization. It also helps you avoid duplicate content

Redirection-in many cases, you need to move or modify blog posts for some different reasons, which can easily cause the ranking of the original pages in the search engine to decline. The Redirection plug-in can help you capture 301 error logs through 404 Redirection, so you can discover and modify these errors, and you can set an error RSS feed.

SEO Blogroll-if you are worried about sharing your PageRank with blog links in your blogroll, you can use SEOBlogroll to set link groups separately and assign nofollow attributes to some link groups, avoid sharing the weight of your website with blogs in this link Group.

SEO for Paged Comments-WordPress 2.7 The comment paging function effectively reduces the page size and increases the page loading speed, especially for blogs with many messages, however, the default comments page of WordPress is the same as the SEO question-the content of the comment page is the same as that of the comment page. This plug-in displays the post body summary on the comment page, and adds a permalink link to the post to distinguish the body page and avoid repeated content, which completely meets the SEO requirements.

SEO friendly and HTML valid subheadings-this plug-in will automatically modify the sub-title on your page to make it more SEO friendly. It is very useful for some wordpress theme templates with unreasonable design. it automatically changes h2 to h3, h3 to h4, and so on.

SEO Friendly Images-Images are a very important traffic source when people search for Images of different subjects, the SEO image-friendly plug-in will help you add the "alt" and "title" tags for images in your blog and help search engines index these images correctly.

SEO No Duplicate WordPress Plugin-a newly launched WordPress SEO plug-in. its main function is to tell search engine crawlers the preferred version of a log page. Because many black hat SEO will abuse the copy content to obtain the search engine ranking, and it is difficult for the search engine to detect and punish them. this plug-in helps you tell the search engine that you are the original of the article.

SEO Post Link-post slug is the title of the blog you see in the url input box of your browser. sometimes, because the title is too long, the post slug of the article is also very long, and the search engine does not like the URL that is too long. This plug-in allows your post slug to properly lose weight and only keeps important keywords, making your article address more friendly to search engines. You can set the number of characters to remove unnecessary words.

SEO Smart Links-internal Links are also a very important skill for SEO. appropriate internal Links can also allow more people to read more related articles, increase the page view of a website. However, adding a link manually takes a lot of time and effort. With the SEO Smart Links plug-in, you can specify the URL to which the keyword is automatically linked, and allow you to set nofollow, open in new window and other attributes for the link.

SEO Tag Cloud Widget-many friends like to use Tag cloud on their blogs. This plugin makes your tags Cloud easier to read by search engines and more SEO-friendly.

SEO Title Tag-Tag is a very important part. it allows search engines to understand how your articles are placed, many people hate the symbol "»" in the title bar of wordpress, because it is garbled in many Chinese search engines, it is not conducive to search engine optimization (SEO). Using the SEO Title Tag plug-in can easily eliminate this symbol. You can also customize the symbol between the document name and website name, for example, "-" or "|. In addition, you can add the website description in the title of the home page, while the website description is not displayed on other pages, which is very beneficial to SEO.

Simple Tags-a highly popular tags recommendation plug-in that helps you select the best tag for your blog articles, including tag recommendations, automatic tags completion, batch editing, and many other functions.

Sitemap Generator-a customizable website map generation plug-in that supports multi-level classification directories and pages. There are many customizable options. Using this plug-in as a wordpress blog archiving plug-in is also a good choice.

TGFInet SEO Wordpress Plugin-this plug-in can be used for most common SEO jobs, such as title optimization and keyword optimization. it is very suitable for blogger who understands certain SEO skills. In fact, this plug-in is a modified version of all-in-one-seo-pack. it is partially enhanced on the basis of the original plug-in. for friends who want to make a blog like CMS, you can try this plug-in.

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