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Tanabata: The seventh evening of July

The origin of Qiqiao festival from the origin of the Tanabata Valentine's Day

Introduction to the Tanabata festival:

In China, the Lunar New Year of July at the beginning of the night, the weather warm, vegetation fragrance, this is commonly known as the Tanabata Festival, also some people call it "Qiqiao
Festival "or" daughter's Day ", this is the most romantic festival in Chinese traditional festivals, and is the most important day for girls in the past.

In the clear summer and autumn night, the stars in the sky are shining, a white Milky Way across the north and south, the river of things on both sides, each has a shining star
Stars, across the river, distant relative, that is Altair and Vega.

Tanabata sit see the Morning Glory Vega, is a folk custom, legend, in the annual this night, is the Sky Weaver and Cowherd in Bridge meet.
Weaver is a beautiful smart, ingenuity of the fairy, where the women in the evening to her begging for wisdom and skillful arts, but also to her begging
A happy marriage, so the beginning of the July is also called the Qiqiao Festival.

People say in the night of the Tanabata, the rise can see the cowboy Cowherd meet, or in the melon under the shelf can be overheard two people meet in the sky
Sweet words of whispers.

The girls in this romantic night, to the sky of the bright moonlight, put on the seasonal melon, the sky worship, begging the goddess of Heaven
Can give them intelligent mind and dexterous hands, so that their knitting needlework skilled, more begging for love marriage match skillfully. Past marriages
For women is to decide a lifetime of happiness or not, so, countless sentient men and women will be in this evening, night quiet person deep moment,
Pray for a happy marriage to the stars.

About "The origin of the Tanabata Valentine's Day":

Tanabata Qiqiao, the festival originated in the Han Dynasty, the eastern Jin Gehong "West Beijing Notes" have "Han cai women often wear the July 7 needle in the Arch,
The record of the "human being", this is the earliest record about Qiqiao that we have seen in the ancient literature. Later, in Tang and song poetry, Women Beg
Qiao also was repeatedly mentioned, the Tang Dynasty Wang Jian has a poem said "Dim stars decorated Pearlescent, Tanabata gonge qiqiao busy." According to "Kaiyuan Tianbao Legacy": Tang Taizong
And concubine every tanabata in the Qing Palace banquet, maids of their respective Qiqiao, this custom in the folk also enduring, generational continuation.

Song and Yuan, Tanabata Qiqiao quite solemn, the capital also has a monopoly qiqiao goods market, the world called Qiqiao City. The Song Roye and US
"Drunk Weng Talk Record" said: "Tanabata, pan building before the sale of Qiqiao things." Since July 1, the car horse to swallow, to the Tanabata before 3rd, the horse does not pass, phase
The Times choked, no longer come to the night side scattered. "Here, from Qiqiao city to buy Qiqiao things, can infer at that time Tanabata Qiqiao Festival Lively
Sight. People from the beginning of the July began to Shang Qiqiao goods, Qiqiao City, pedestrians, such as tide, to the time of the Tanabata, Qiqiao City
On simply became the people's ocean, the car horse difficult line, the view its amorous feelings, seems no less than the most grand festival--spring Festival, explained Qiqiao Festival is the ancients most likes
One of the festivals.

About the legend of Cowherd and Weaver

Tanabata Festival is always connected with the legend of Cowherd and Weaver, this is a very beautiful, the love story of the ages, become China's four folk love
One of the legends.

It is rumored that a long time ago, Nanyang West Niu Jia Zhuang has a smart. Honest lad, parents early death, had to follow brother sister-in-law live, sister-in-law
Son horse is vicious, often abused him, forcing him to do a lot of work, a year fall, sister-in-law forced him to cattle, give him nine cows, but let him wait for
10 cows to go home, cowboy helpless had to drive cattle out of the village.

The cowboy alone drove the cattle into the mountains, in the grass deep forest dense mountain, he sat under the tree sad, do not know when to drive 10 cows home,
At this time, a Shing old man appeared in front of him, asked him why he was sad, when he learned that his encounter, smiled and said to him: "Don't be sad,
In the Funiushan there is a sick old cow, you go to feed it, and when the old Ox is cured, you can drive it home.

Cowboy over the mountains, walked a long way, finally found the head of the sick old cow, he saw the old cow very ill, went to the old cow to call a
Bundle of grass, feeding for three days in a row, the old ox ate full, just looked up to tell him: he is the sky of the Gray Newtace, because of the violation of the sky rules are banished next day
Came, broke his leg, unable to move. Their wounds need to wash with the dew of flowers one months to good, cowboy defying hard, carefully care for the old cow
One months, the day for the old Cow Flower dew cure injury, evening nestled in old age side to sleep, to the old cow disease good, cowboy happily drive 10 cows
Back home.

After returning home, sister-in-law to him still bad, had a few minor harm to him, are the old cow tried to save, sister-in-law finally enraged the Cowboy kicked out of the house,
The cowboy as long as the old ox to accompany.

One day, the celestial weaver and the fairy together to the game, bathing in the river, cowboy in the help of the old cow met the weaver, two people alternate love
Italy, then the Weaver will secretly come to Earth, to become the wife of the cowboy. The Weaver also brings the Celestial silkworm from heaven to everyone, and teaches us to raise
The Silkworm, the ladder, weaves the light and the bright silk.

Cowboy Hagin married, delved, feeling heavy, they gave birth to a man and a woman two children, family life is very happy. But good
King not long, this matter soon let the emperor of Heaven know, the Heavenly queen herself came, forced to bring back the weaver, couple was separated.

Cowboy Heaven no way, or old cow told Cowboy, after it died, can use its skin to make shoes, wearing can heaven. Cowboy in accordance with the old Ox
Words to do, put on the shoes made of cowhide, pull their children, together with the sky to chase the weaver, seeing is going to catch up, cruised Wang
Niang pull the head on the gold hairpin a wave, a choppy Tianhe appeared, cowboy Hagin was separated in cross-strait, only relative weeping tears. They
The loyalty of love touched Magpie, thousands magpie flying, set into bridge, let the Cowherd and Weaver Bridge meet, the Queen Mother on this also helpless, only
Good to allow two people in bridge meet each year July 7.

Later, at the beginning of the Lunar New Year of July, seven, the Legend of Bridge meet Cowboy Weaver Day, the girls will come to Huaqianyuexia, looking up at the stars,
Looking for Altair and Vega on both sides of the Milky Way, hoping to see their annual meeting, begging God to let themselves be like Weaver's hands.
Qiao, pray that they can have a satisfactory marriage, which formed the Tanabata festival.

The custom of Qiqiao Tanabata:

The most common custom of the festival is the various Qiqiao activities that women carry out at the beginning of the first seven nights of July.

Qiqiao of the way are mostly girls to the needle test, do small items, put some fruit qiqiao, the Qiqiao Way not
Do the same, each have fun.

In Jinan, Huimin, gaoqing and other Qiqiao activities are very simple, just display fruit qiqiao, such as a pregnant spider webs on fruits, on the meaning
The taste of the beggar was a coincidence. And Juancheng, Cao County, plain and so on to eat the Qiqiao custom is very interesting: seven a good girl set food set vegetables dumplings,
Put a copper coin, a needle and a red date package to three dumplings, qiqiao activities, they gather together to eat dumplings, legend to eat money
Blessed, the dexterity of the needle, the early marriage of the jujube.

In some places the activities of the Qiqiao festival, with the nature of the competition, similar to the ancient custom of Dou Qiao. In modern times, the go-between, the steaming, the paradox, the skillful
Fruit, there are some places to do the custom bud soup, generally in the early July, a grain soaked in water germination, tanabata this day, cut buds to make soup, the land of
Children pay special attention to eat Qiao Bud, as well as the use of dough, paper-cut, color embroidery, such as the form of decorations such as the evolution of the custom of Dou Qiao. And the cowboy will be
The day of the tanabata picking wildflowers hanging on the horn, called "he niu Birthday" (The Legend of Tanabata is the cow's birthday).

Zhucheng, Tengxian, Zouxian in the vicinity of the Tanabata under the rain called "Acacia Rain" or "Acacia Tears", because it is the cowherd and Weaver encounter. Jiaodong
Lu Southwest and other places legends this day the Magpie very few, all went to heaven to take Bridge to go.

There are still similar qiqiao customs in all parts of Zhejiang today. such as Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou and other fields, in this day with flour to make a variety of small objects, with
After frying fry "Qiao Guo", at night in the courtyard displays the Qiao fruit, the lotus, the White Lotus root, the red ling and so on. The girl to the Moon Needle, to pray for the weaver can give clever
Skill, or catch a spider, put it in the box, the next day opened the box, such as has been called a clever.

And in the rural areas of Shaoxing, there will be many girls in this night a person secretly hiding in the lush growth of the pumpkin shed, in the dead of day, if you can hear
When the Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet, this young maiden will be able to get the thousand years of undying love.

In order to express people hope that the cowherd and Weaver can live a happy family life every day, in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, July 7 every household to
Kill a chicken, meaning this night cowherd and Weaver meet, if no rooster crowing, they can never separate.

In the western part of Guangxi, the legend of the July 7 morning, the fairy to go to bathe, drink its bath water can ward off illness and prolong the disease. This water name "Double Seven Water", people
In this day when the rooster, scrambling to go to the river to fetch water, get back with the new Urn Sheng, to use later.

Guangzhou Qiqiao Festival Unique, before the arrival of the festival, the girls are prepared in advance with colored paper, pith, rope, etc., prepared into a variety of Kat
Small stuff, but also the grain and mung bean into a small box of water soaked, so that bud grow to two inches long, used to worship God, called "worship
Sin wo "and" worship the divine dish ". From arrest night to When初七because night, for two nights, the girls put on new clothes and new jewelry, everything arranged
Good, then incense candles, to the stars kneeling, called "Welcome Cents", from midnight to just before dawn, to worship seven times.

After the fairy, the ladies hand color line to the shadow will line through pinhole, such as a breath can wear seven pinhole is called skillfully, is called skillful, wear
Less than seven pinhole is called to lose a coincidence. After the Tanabata, the girls will be made of small crafts, toys to give each other, as a token of friendship.

In Fujian, the Tanabata festival to allow the Weaver to appreciate, taste melons and fruits, in order to bless her for the next year fruit harvest. Offerings include tea, wine, fresh fruit,
Five sons (Longan, red dates, hazelnut, peanuts, melon seeds), flowers and women's makeup with pollen and a incense cooker. Usually after a fast bath,
We take turns to burn incense before altar, praying for prayer. Women are not only qiqiao, but also begging son, begging life, begging the United States and begging for love. Then, everyone
While eating fruit, drinking tea chat, while playing Qiqiao games, Qiqiao game has two kinds: one is "bu Qiao", that is, with a bu to ask oneself is clever is stupid;
The other is a coincidence, that is, who is fast, who will have to be clever, slow to say "lost", "the Loser" will be prepared in advance of small gifts to
The skillful person.

Some regions also organize "seven elder sister Will", the regional "seven elder sister will" gather in the Township Guild Hall put under all kinds of bright Xiangan, remote festival cowherd
Weaver, "Xiangan" are paper paste, the case is full of flowers, fruit, rouge powder, paper made small flower clothes, shoes, daily necessities and embroidery, Lin
Lang everywhere. Different regions of the "seven Sister Will" on the Xiangan, compared to the contest, to see who made exquisite. Today, this kind of activity has been forgotten.
Only a very few of the village hall in this festival also set Xiangan, worship and cowherd. Xiangan is generally ready in early July and starts in the evening
Weaver Qiqiao.

Tanabata Qiqiao Food, to the best known for the fruit. Qiao Fruit also name "Qiqiao fruit", the style is very many. The main materials are oil, noodles, sugar,
Honey. "Tokyo Dream Hua Lu" called "Laughing and Tired Son", "fruit food pattern", the pattern is Fang, etc. In the Song Dynasty, the market had seven
Xi Qiao Fruit Sale, the practice is: first put sugar in the pot into syrup, then and into the flour, sesame, mix evenly on the stand on the record on the defend thin, dry
After the cold with a knife cut into a long box, and finally folded into the shuttle-shaped fruit embryo, into the deep fry into golden. The woman of Dexterity, will also squeeze out various and the Tanabata legend
About the pattern. In addition, the fruit of the Qiqiao also has a variety of changes: or the melon will be carved into a strange flower bird, or the surface of the peel embossed patterns;
Melon is called "Flower melon".

Until today, Tanabata is still a rich romantic traditional festivals. But many customs activities have weakened or disappeared, but the symbol of loyalty and love
The legend of Cowherd and Weaver, has been circulated folk.

Poems of the Chinese Tanabata festival:

One of the first 19 poems
(han) Anonymous
Altair, Jiaojiao Franco female.
A slender touch of the hand, loom.
All day long not Zhang, weep Shirui.
Franco is clear and shallow.
Between the Shing, the words are not.

(Five Dynasties • Later Tang Dynasty) Yang Pu
Do not have the morning glory of how to, must invite the Weaver to get gold shuttle.
Every year, the world is a coincidence, and the world is more skillful.

(Don) The right of Virtue and geographical
Today Yun Yu du Bridge, should not be a tenderness and a distant.
Family unexpectedly like to open makeup mirror, the month under the needle to worship nine nights.

(Don) Xu Ning
A bridge horizontal among insects, thousand sound jade has been lingling.
Parting still have a few years guest, despair looks inferior river drum star.

Bridge Xian
(song) Qin Guan
The fiber cloud make Qiao, fly the star to hate, silverside the dark crosses.
The Goldwind Jade Dew meets, then wins but the human innumerable.
Gentle, every night like a dream, endure Gu Yu bridge return!
If two lovers are long, then they are exist!

Tanabata drunk Answer June Dong
(Ming) Tang Xianzu
Jade Cuiping Spring, new words sung "Peony Pavilion".
Sad to Pat no one will, since the pinch tan mark teach Xiao Ling.

Chinese tanabata in Hanzhuang Gate boat
(Qing) Yao Xie
Magnolia oar son Lotus root Huaxiang, sings the hall red late air cool.
Smoke outside the Liusi lake water, mountain eyebrow dan bi Moon eyebrow yellow.

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