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Today in the forum to read an article on "SEO master" only rely on the theory is far from tenable posts, suddenly some sentiment, oneself do SEO optimization already five years, say long also not long, say short also not short, today will talk with you about what is SEO optimization and webmaster eye SEO optimization bar. Website optimization, SEO, do outside the chain, improve rankings and so on these words are webmaster often hanging on the tip of the "mantra." Whether the word SEO is attracted to the novice rookie or in the SEO industry for several years veteran, the mouth, the brain will not lack the word SEO optimization. But how many webmaster know what is SEO optimization? No one knows, everyone knows, but SEO is very few to succeed. Do not believe you can ask a webmaster, SEO is what, all can answer to come out, but can answer does not represent can do. SEO optimization In fact said that simple is also very simple, but hair outside the chain, do user experience, update content just. Difficult and difficult to say, the user experience is a big problem. So, everyone knows SEO optimization, everyone also do not understand SEO optimization.

The author is a part-time to sell the program webmaster, but also manage their own several small stations, every day for the site and the sales of procedures are busy. In fact, every sell a set of procedures will be asked, your program SEO optimization How, included how, ranking and so on and so on, and so on, and these questions no one can answer, after all, if SEO optimization depends on the program can be done, then there are so many people study this research that why, and I believe that, Even SEO optimization experts cannot answer these questions. Each webmaster has seen a lot of SEO-related articles, maybe some see a few to think that they fully understand the SEO optimization, but to the actual combat when found that the original SEO is so difficult, and the reason for this idea is that they are only know SEO optimization of the theoretical knowledge, How to turn the theoretical knowledge into actual combat experience that would not be the start.

For SEO optimization, the author or that sentence, all understand, understand is only about the theoretical knowledge of SEO optimization, but do not know how to do SEO optimization of the people is not how to explain SEO. If you meet some of the SEO said that the people tell you how to optimize how to optimize the words, that 80% of the probability of these are some SEO optimization theory experts, not really understand SEO optimization. Long-length theoretical knowledge who will not speak, the sermon who will not say. But how many have hands-on experience? The author in the group is every day to see some of the novice known as SEO optimization Master's friends in the group talk about their own SEO optimization method, in fact, all of these are the other aspects, but is outside chain, content, space, inner chain, title and so on some old can not old knowledge point, These knowledge points as long as the webmaster know, why in there show off?

I have just been in the time to read 10 Lais about SEO optimization articles, just read a few articles always feel to SEO optimization basically mastered, see other people's website rankings so high, traffic so large, can also be ready to start building stations to do rankings, in fact, SEO optimization seems simple, apply a song in the lyrics: " You can see the words I left on the screen but I can't see the tears on my keyboard. "Who does not know SEO optimization is the title, keywords, content, outside the chain, within the chain, space so several changes to change things." Everybody knows, but knowing doesn't mean you can do it well. Just like the SEO industry has a classic quote: can quickly effect the SEO is not the real seo,seo is a heap of time out.

SEO optimization is not a theory can be successful, the contrary will operate the SEO people do not know how to explain what is SEO, and like to use a long speech to explain SEO people are often some SEO theory, they know SEO optimization is what meaning, but do not know how to operate, They understand the impact of SEO optimization factors, but when their actual combat do not know where to start. They understand the advantages of SEO optimization, but do not know how to arrange settings. This is the SEO practical person and SEO theory master difference. Even if you can finish a full explanation of what is SEO optimization, SEO optimization benefits and unfavorable factors, but does not mean that you will operate SEO. In general, SEO actual combat master is playing with SEO optimization, and SEO theory master is being played by SEO, this is the simplest explanation.

This article is wordy to here, finally the author of this veteran in the rookie again statement, SEO optimization is not by saying out, many times, you will see some site webmaster simply do not understand what SEO is, how to operate, but his site ranking is better than yours. In fact, this also illustrates one thing, SEO optimization in the highest realm is not your complete understanding of SEO, but completely forget SEO, so that will not be SEO-bound to put out the hands and feet, so I suggest you webmaster learn to forget SEO is the best SEO optimization. This article from the Nanning website to build a veteran of the rookie exclusive experience feeds, reproduced please specify, thank you!

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