The pits that are encountered when building a appium environment

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Use the cnpm install-G appium command to mount the Times error:

Gyp err! Configure Error

Gyp err! Stack Error:can ' t find Python executable "C:\Python\python. EXE ", you c aset the PYTHON env variable

There is a problem with python from the wrong prompt, but there is no problem with the configuration of the Python installation and environment variables. Later on the Internet to find this problem, the online answer is Python version of the high (I installed Python3.5).

Uninstall the original Python3.5, install Python2.7, re-enter CNPM install -G appium, not reported Python-related errors (really strange). However, the installation fails, suggesting that some related system components are missing.

Install the system components using NPM install-Global --production windows-build-tools command, re-use CNPM install after installation- G Appium,appium installed successfully. Then use the appium-doctor command

Check the installation of environment variables and still indicate that some environments are not configured well

Stuck in the problem for a week, the various online solutions have not been found. Backstage asked a master, he said you open the environment variable path detection to see if the environment variable is set, if you have set the description appium-doctor identify some problems, you open the CMD input appium see can start the service, if it can start normally, the problem is not big, Don't dwell on that hint. Since then the establishment of the Appium environment.

The pits that are encountered when building a appium environment

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