The popularity of node. js from the prestigious GoDaddy development revolution

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Web hosting company GoDaddy will further develop its capabilities through new development tools. The latest news is that GoDaddy is acquiring Nodejitsu's negotiations, a start-up company that uses the popular server-side JavaScript framework node. JS for application hosting and node-packaged registration services. The deal has not yet been finalized, and credible sources say the company is trying to announce the deal at the node summit this week. But there are also sources who say it seems unable to finalize the deal this week.

In fact, perhaps the acquisition can bring some benefits to GoDaddy, including a large number of node user groups, peer hosting companies and paid users to enhance their influence and the strength of the Warriors.

GoDaddy this time is in fact more because of the boring with the beauty racer Danica Patrick pressure axis of the commercial Super Cup is known, not because of the advanced coding knowledge. Now it is trying to regain its reputation, hoping not just as a "storage box" for a website ( Heaven Zhuhai): Because it provides web hosting services, it's like putting a website in a box . The role of the service provider is to compete with the big head of 1AND1, the money-rich peers. However, not all technicians will fancy their services, and many developers are more likely to turn to cloud hosting, such as Linode and Digitalocean, not to mention the highly competitive cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services.

Nodejitsu Company's acquisition can add its immediate fame, its customer base is also available resources, including Condé Nast and segment company.

At the same time, the market around node. JS is expanding and perfecting its capabilities, allowing many startups such as Nodesource,strongloop, NPM, and even node sponsor Joyent to devote themselves to it. At the same time, more of the other companies, including LinkedIn and Walmart, have introduced more node technologies into their systems.

GoDaddy declined to comment on the report. And Nodejitsu's representatives did not immediately respond to media reports.

So it's obvious that at least some of the people inside GoDaddy are aware of node's movements. In 2013, the company opened the source of its node Cluster service, allowing engineers to "update your server backstage with 0 downtime or 0 impact on the client", as you can see from the project's GitHub project page.

"We will be making significant progress on node. JS in the near future, and we will continue to invest to drive it forward," Silviera, a vice president of engineering at the time, Introduction road on his personal blog.

Nodejitsu, based in New York, was founded in 2010. According to the company's start-up Angel investment list, start-up investment members include Bloomberg Beta,first Round Capital, General Catalyst Partners, RRE Ventures, SV Angel, William Fi NK, Bob Pasker, and Lenny Pruss.



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The popularity of node. js from the prestigious GoDaddy development revolution

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