Thoughts on the Internet thinking of big data

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At the end of September, in the library borrowed a "Big data internet thinking", 20 days of extracurricular time just read the book half of the chapters, do a part of the mind map, although not intended to see, but there are some ideas and thinking to chest.

Before reading, there are several questions, as follows:

    • What is big data?
    • What is Internet thinking?
    • Why do big data need to use Internet thinking?
    • How does big data use Internet thinking?
    • What does big Data + Internet thinking bring?

After reading some chapters in the book, the question is interpreted.

Text:What is big data?

In the case of Baidu Encyclopedia, Big Data, a collection of data that cannot be captured, managed, and processed with conventional software tools within a certain timeframe, is a massive, high-growth rate and diversified information asset that requires a new processing model for greater decision-making, insight, and process optimization capabilities.

That is, big data is Volume (large volume of data), Variety (a wide variety of data types), velocity (processing speed),value (High business value) data.

The "New processing mode" is not only a productive relationship but a productive one.

What is Internet thinking?

The concept of the book is, "The Internet is in the (mobile) Internet, big data, cloud computing and other technologies continue to develop in the context of the market, the user, the product, the value of the enterprise and even the whole business ecosystem to re-examine the way of thinking . ”

the characteristics of Internet thinking are :

    • Take the user as the core
    • Simple
    • Extreme
    • Iteration (reason 1: the link between product supply to consumption is very short; reason 2: Consumer feedback costs are very low)
    • Flow
    • Social thinking (using social media, word-of-mouth marketing; Leveraging social networks, co-ordination)
    • Big Data
    • Platform (open, share, win-all)
    • Cross-border

Why do big data need to use Internet thinking?

1. Big data projects are different from traditional IT projects.
Traditional process hardening and optimization methods are not suitable for big data projects;
Internet sites address the patterns of electronic communication and are not entirely suitable for big data projects.

2. The big data industry is the consulting services industry.
Big data to complete the collection of large amounts of data, the work must be introduced into the concept of service, consulting, to be able to transform data into value.

How does big data use Internet thinking?

The construction of big data projects requires:

1. Collection of unstructured data through cloud computing ;

2. Big Data Analysis , let the data play a value.

what does big Data + Internet thinking bring?

Give two examples:

    • Fast iterations of Big data:

form Standards for data, standards for platforms, and environmental standards.

    • Cross-border of big data:

1. Big data will continue to add value in the cross-border process;
2. The cross-border value of big data has increased exponentially;
3. Big data cross-border close relatives effect is very low;
4. The cross-border of big data will enhance the level of industry intelligence.


  Big data is changing our lives all the time, can not hope that the big data slow development to adapt to their own learning and work, can only catch up, embark on the tide of the summit, the wind waves.

Thoughts on the Internet thinking of big data

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