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InternetCommunityThe way we work has changed. Developers can use the Google search engine to quickly find answers to questions, or learn new skills and technologies through countless websites and blogs. One of my most recent websites is Yahoo! Developer Network. It not only provides many applications Yahoo! Function APIS also contain a large number of common network development resources.

Website Introduction

Reading the website at first may be confusing, but it provides a series of useful materials for Web developers. Yahoo! The purpose of this website is to apply standard technologies such as XML and RSS to help software developers integrate websites and applications with Yahoo! Integration.


Yahoo! Developer Network provides the application Yahoo! ApplicationProgram, Such as Yahoo! Tools and samples for finance, maps, messenger, Flickr, and hotjobsCode. These tools include RSS feeds and APIs that use application services, but I want to focus on Yahoo! User Interface (Yui) Library. (Yahoo! User Interface library)

Yahoo! Yui library is a set of utilities and controls, which are written in Javascript. It uses Dom scripts, DHTML, and Ajax techniques to build interactive network applications. It also provides a set of components that add special functions to network applications. These components can be obtained through BSD in open source form.

This component can also be downloaded. The downloaded file consists of a compressed file. You can decompress the package and install it in the library. The sample code andSource code. Next, let's take a closer look at one of the components to understand their applications.


Calendar is a common requirement for network applications. Calendar components provide powerful solutions for such requirements. It is flexible and can be configured to meet various situations. The following Yui library resources are necessary resources for using calendars.

    • You can find the Yahoo global object in the Yahoo. js file of the build/Yahoo directory where the Yui library folder is installed. It provides a separate global namespace that contains all the Yui library code. It must be included in every webpage that uses the Yui library, and must appear before any other Yui components.
    • The event utility (event. js file) includes the code used to process events. It is located in the build/event directory of the folder where the Yui library is installed.
    • The Dom set (DOM. js file) provides code to apply HTML Dom. But in the build/DOM directory. It consists of a convenient set of methods to simplify common Dom script tasks, including element layout and CSS style management, and the inconsistency between browsers is restored to normal.
    • The actual calendar code is located in the calendar. js file under the build/Calendar directory.
    • The calendar.css style sheet provides a calendar-controlled appearance format. You can find it in the build/calendar/Assets Directory.

All these files should be included on the web page to apply the calendar control. Then, an HTML element containing the calendar is created. For example, apply the following DIV elements:

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