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1. if multiple windows are opened at the same time and you want to close them, you can hold down SHIFT and click the close icon in the upper-right corner of the window.
2. Before saving the webpage, you can press the "ESC" Key (or work offline) to save it quickly.
3. You can use a computer to listen to CD without any playing software. You can directly connect the audio cable to the in-ear hole of the optical drive and put it into the CD. Press the play key on the optical drive to directly listen to it, in this way, listening to songs does not occupy system resources. (If your computer is broken, it cannot be started or something. If it is temporarily placed there, it cannot be repaired. Do not waste resources and use the power in it to power on the optical drive, now we can do the cdnserver temporarily.
4. Press enter when sending a message in MSN. If you want to wrap the line and do not want to send the message, Shift + enter or Ctrl + enter
5. You can debug the short HTML in the address bar of the browser.Code. The method is as follows: Enter about: ABC in the address bar and press enter to see the effect.
6. windows shortcut keys:
Win + M display Desktop
Win + pause system attributes
Fast restart: shift before pressing OK (not applicable to 2 K, XP ).
Delete permanently: Shift + DEL
Disable Automatic Running of the CD: press shift
CTRL + ESC: equivalent to the "Start" or win key
CTRL + home: move the cursor to the beginning of the text editing area (Home: Move to the beginning of the column)
CTRL + end: move the cursor to the end point of the text editing area (end: Move to the end of the column)
Alt + F4: Close the current window (if you click the desktop and then press it)
F2: Change name
Windows + e Resource Manager
Run Windows + R
Windows + F search
Windows + u shut down the system
Windows + D minimizes all windows, and then press win + D to return to the window before minimization.
Windows + M minimizes all windows, but once again it cannot return to the window before the minimum
Shift + F10. You can right-click the selected menu
Press Ctrl + shift to drag the file: Create a shortcut.

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