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Performance is a key factor for any successful website. More and more people choose to use Wordpress to build personal blogs, CMS Content presentations, or enterprise websites. However, due to high traffic or unknown reasons, your WordPress performance may be getting lower and lower, especially for personal webmasters who generally have high traffic for most hosts.

In this article, we will give a summary of some WordPress optimization skills, thoroughly learn and implement them, and greatly improve the overall performance of your WordPress.

Plugin-accelerated WordPress

It mainly controls the number of plug-ins, uses page cache plug-ins, and database optimization plug-ins. I don't believe the instructions here. You can search for related tutorials.

Recommended plug-ins(No priority list)

1. Install the WordPress super cache plug-in

The WordPress super cache plug-in is excellent. I will not introduce it much. Most Wordpress users should be familiar with it. However, it may be difficult to handle the Sequelae after use, for example, some advertisements that need to be tracked and confirmed.CodeAdvertisers will not be able to track. There are also solutions on the Internet, but I have never seen them perfect.

2. php speedy WP

PHP speedy is a PHP script library, mainly applicable to PhP websites that call many JS files and CSS files. PHP speedy WP is a plug-in designed for Wordpress users to conveniently operate. If we use a lot of plug-ins, there will be a lot of JS and CSS file calls in the head header. Using this plug-in can speed up the loading of these things.


Wp css is also a WordPress plugin. It can be used to compress and remove spaces in your CSS files through gzip. What else can be cached?

4. DB Cache

Database cache. This plugin caches queries for each database. This is very fast and uses small disk space cache. I have never tried this plug-in, but many Wordpress users have recommended this plug-in.

5. Use optimize DB

The function of the optimize dB plug-in is to effectively optimize and reorganize your WordPress database tables. The interface is very simple. There is only one button: optimize now.

Plug-in deletion:

Plug-ins are one of the major killers of Wordpress blog access speed slowdown. When your blog access speed slows down gradually, ask yourself if you have installed plug-ins in the past few days and go to the control panel to check whether the plug-ins have been installed, how many plug-ins are enabled now.

We recommend that you use less WordPress plug-ins. Finally, you must note that the plug-in is not disabled but deleted.

If the plug-in provides a management interface, you can uninstall it before deleting the plug-in.Program.

Theme optimization acceleration WordPress

 Theme code acceleration:

The Code determines the speed of WordPress loading. The speed of browsing your blog is largely determined by this factor (in the same network environment ), 80% of the time a user loads a webpage is spent. To quickly run your WordPress, it is necessary to optimize the code hierarchy. In fact, compressing CSS and JS is also very simple. Really, it is not as difficult as you think. is recommended for CSS compression. the operation method is very simple, but it can greatly increase the speed.

The recommended method is: Put CSS at the beginning and JS at the end. Use gzip to compress the webpage. The wp css plug-in can also implement this function. Do not directly write CSS and JS into the webpage, external Loading should be required. js and CSS redundancy should be removed. It is best to put the JS file in the topic footer. in PHP, for CSS and JS optimization, CSS should be loaded first, and JS should be finally loaded; external calls should be made to call the Ajax libraries API, a large framework in Google Code. The loading of these frameworks allows Google's services to undertake:

    • Jquery
    • Prototype
    • Script. aculo. Us
    • Mootools
    • Dojo

You do not need to introduce the call method.

Theme image optimization:

The benefits of optimizing images are obvious. First, reducing the number of HTTP requests can save a lot of bandwidth resources. This is a very basic and important part of code optimization. Second, image optimization, it can greatly provide the overall loading speed of the blog. The images used in a webpage (such as small icons) usually occupy a large part of HTTP requests. Therefore, when these images are merged into a large background image, this not only reduces the overall image size, but also reduces the number of HTTP requests.

The related methods are implemented by using CSS script technology and Image Compression optimization methods.

We recommend that you use image compression,Smush. It.

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