Tips: Video compression without any media processing software

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If you need to compress a large video, there are many introductions on the internet, but all need to install a variety of video processing software, such as the format factory and so on. This article introduces a very handy little trick, without any video processing software, only Microsoft PowerPoint, the most commonly used office software is believed to be installed on everyone's computer.

Here are the detailed steps.

1. Create an empty PowerPoint:

Copy the video file you want to compress directly with CTRL + C:

2. Click the PowerPoint menu Info->compress Media:

There are several compression ratios to choose from. I'll choose the Standard (480p) with the highest compression rate and the lowest image quality:

After you choose, the video compression for PowerPoint begins. You can see the progress bar:

Compression is complete, we are prompted to save 1GB of space after compression:

You can save the compressed video to local now:

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Tips: Video compression without any media processing software

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