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Do introduce oneself: I this person is more emotional, the mood is good, you ask my question I will not be detailed. If I am in a bad mood, you may be severely admonished. I speak a higher voice, introverted students please avoid.

1. The graduates of the computer profession can be divided into four categories in my eyes:

The first type of person: natural beauty, like computer, can be said to be the geek of college students, love to delve.

The second type of person: The computer level is general, in the school peacetime and everybody mingle, the result is mediocre, the qualification is general.

The third kind of person: very clever, but not easy to learn.

The fourth kind of person: this kind of person, often is not we can understand, has the strange fascination to the thing (for example CF, Dnf,dota), if the hobby direction is right, is definitely a wizard.

2. Of the four categories, I am not going to say much more about the fourth category of people.

The first category: I personally understand, to see things more thorough, more sensitive to the surrounding, especially the relationship between people, like to strictly divide the relationship between friends and classmates, but often immersed in this. Interpersonal relationships require exercise, and comprehensive abilities need to be promoted. If there is a clear goal, soon is not two talents.

The second category belongs to a wide range of people, do not say what industry, no matter what to do, as long as the down-to-earth do, may not be the most top-notch, but absolutely hungry, if there is a big life ambition, need extra effort (regardless of which category can), will be able to achieve something.

The third category: In fact, the most comfortable to live a class of people. Many of my classmates such people, my dormitory on both. Wisdom is not to say, if guided is absolutely the backbone of the enterprise.

3. The above is pure nonsense, personal opinion is serious, dry goods here.

In fact, the most important to do their own positioning, my first year to achieve what height. What progress to make.

Example: 1. Leadership recognition of your degree, performance can be seen a little.

2. What kind of work do you do in the company? What important functions have been accomplished.

3. Whether you are engaged in the matter is repetitive. (a standard for judging ability)

4. Your own understanding of yourself. What you can do. What you can do. If you give a similar project, or a task, what do you do, the first thing you think of IS.

5. How much did you pay for it? (This will not be compared with job-hopping students, jumping under normal circumstances than in the same company rose much).

Personally feel that you have to have a strong heart to distinguish between these true and false, whether you like the current mode of work, whether your future career development have their own expectations. If you go on, you think you're going to be one of the people in the company. Most like Who. If you need a promotion, what's the biggest hurdle? If you're a job-hopping, there's no better goal than dissatisfaction with the increase in salary.

4. Dry goods in dry goods.

You like the industry now. I now do monitoring, because the product's code framework is there, the establishment of the new model is very simple, but the customer's new needs need to be modified, coding. Other coding is really not a lot, so if you want more coding experience, it's not going to work.

First, the initiative to request more coding tasks.

Second, job-hopping, looking for small and medium-sized start-ups, the premise is that you have the ability to Dudangyimian, compressive capacity is stronger, otherwise, think twice before you do.

Third, if there is force majeure, job-hopping, but also take the opportunity to sum up their own experience, planning for the future.

5. College students, a few will become your friends, keep in touch, heads is worth a Zhuge Liang.

6. A big city or a two or three-line city.

1. Look at the personal family situation, the heart is more open to the big cities to experience the pace of their lives, to the appropriate age to choose a place to settle.

2. Look at personal interests and hobbies, like stability, it is best to find a home near the local work bar, worry and convenience.

Good luck, good night.

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