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Carmelo is a Java-based gaming service-side framework for both page and hand tours. Its main features are:
1. Using Netty to achieve efficient NIO communication, while supporting the TCP/HTTP protocol
2. Perfect three-layer architecture model, easy to expand
3. General, perfect session management mechanism, no need to achieve from scratch
4. Provide a complete server/client demo, can be used as a good development reference
5. Provide more common tools for game development (the following are ready to join)

Project Web site (Welcome to watch and star):

The first time to do open source projects, everything is difficult at the beginning. The current project is only a prototype, presumably there are many ill-conceived and imperfect places, welcome to point out and suggestions. I will respond to them whenever I have time. This project is also intended to continue to operate for a long time, and strive to improve, to reach the dissemination of technology, the purpose of common learning.

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