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Securities informatization of the first 10 mainly around the main business operations of securities companies to write, may be business people look very cordial, and IT professionals look at a bit far away from themselves.
Then, after I basically made a basic superficial description of all the business systems of the securities company, I would like to talk about the general it technology of the securities company, the so-called IT infrastructure! ...

What is IT infrastructure (it infrastracture)?
"Infrastracture" is the meaning of infrastructure. In recent years, our country's infrastructure construction is in full swing, such as highways, airports, urban public transport, high-rise buildings, electricity, communications and so on. It means providing basic operational support for all upper-level economic activities. The internal workings of an enterprise are also built on a complete IT infrastructure, such as networks, servers, operating systems, databases, PCs, telephones, e-mails, and even power supplies (where the power supply in foreign countries is largely under the responsibility of it infrastracture). And all business systems are built on the IT infrastructure.
In different industries, business application systems may be very different, but they are basically the same on the IT infrastructure. So I sometimes call IT Infrastructure "general information technology".
Generally in a company IT department, it Infrastracture is the largest department, the number of total IT staff accounted for more than 2/3.
(China's two big it forums, itpub software and Industry application system more, and chinaunix more IT infrastructure.) My securities industry informatization before several series of articles in the Chinaunix forum to get a response far less than itpub. )

What does IT infrastructure contain? (Pay attention to a lot of quoted terms, and note that these special nouns are understood according to the context)

1, the most basic is the power supply. Talking about the importance of power security, how to stress is not excessive. I've seen too many it disasters due to inadequate power security. Say one of the most extreme examples.
When the last stock market Climax (2000), many securities sales departments have invested heavily in the renovation of business premises and the upgrading of IT network server hardware facilities. It was 1:30, when the deal was booming. At this time the business department IT staff relatively easy, as long as a good look at all kinds of machine normal operation. We sit in a smooth room dedicated to the static floor of the free rolling seat, in the spacious room in the middle of the open space to chat, surrounded by a circle of various servers and PC surrounded. All of a sudden, all the machines were turned on, All Black. After 1 seconds, all power is activated and the machine is fully rebooted. Incredible dramatic scenes. We were nervously waiting for the server to start and enter a variety of system passwords, while reassuring the business service staff who came to ask. After 10 minutes, all systems are back to normal. Later found that is next to the decoration workers, the mains and 0 lines accidentally connected to a few milliseconds, due to the time of the problem is too short, the power total switch did not trip back to normal. But our delicate it equipment, feel the voltage impact of the drastic changes, all abnormal restart!
I say this example means: People are not as good as the sky. A complete backup, redundancy plan, some seemingly impossible low-level errors, will lead to the collapse of IT systems. We can see a lot of discussion and articles about how IT systems make hot backups, but in the face of power outages, all caution is wasted. Therefore, power security, which is the basis, is also one of the most fundamental problems.
A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) device is mentioned here.
If the computer device is connected directly to the mains (what is "mains"?) ), a power outage can cause a power outage on the device. So in general, the electronic equipment is powered by ups, UPS by a power input and output control host (a vertical computer-like box) and battery composition, in the case of mains power outage, the UPS host will automatically switch from the battery power, to ensure that the computer host does not power up.
UPS has a lot of small. A UPS powered by a PC may be 500 watts of power on the line, the battery is small and the UPS host in the same box, so that most people are not aware of the existence of the battery. To a 2000 square meters of Securities sales Department of all IT equipment to provide power security services to the UPS to have 200KVA (200,000 KVA, volts, amps, are high school physics units. Specific this number do not remember, just temporarily to check a few years ago the technical documents, the battery may need 200 (a battery on half a microwave oven so big, surprisingly heavy, the battery is definitely heavy physical activity, to be scattered to the reinforced floor of the iron Shelf, Otherwise it will collapse the floor slab) occupy half room. The battery in the half-room also gives the electronic equipment a few hours of extra power time. 04 There was a period of time throughout the country are power rationing, sometimes a day of blackout, it depends on the generator. (Darling, how does the generator all belong to it tube?!) But that's the truth. )
The main brands of the major ups are MGE and AI, APS mainly for smaller ups. A full set of 130KVA ups prices around 500,000 yuan.
Generally a 3, 40-storey office building (so-called business office), there are many from the top floor to the bottom of the well, such as elevator shaft used to run elevators, there are "strong electrical wells" and "weak well." The strong electric well is 36 volts above can make people's doom of the Wire, is generally 220 volts of the mains power cord, weak in the well is 36 volts below the electricity of the dead wire, such as telephone lines, cable, fiber, TV lines and so on. Power supply in a strong electric well (a thick black wire with a thumb, the middle copper wire has a small finger so thick!) Introduce your company's own management of the power distribution box of the air switch (the general small companies directly use the power supply of the building property, and like securities companies such a power-demanding company, generally only requires the object to provide mains power supply, in the future after all the things by the company's internal management). The so-called air switch is the one-foot-long big gate that is seen on TV, with both hands in order to move it from bottom to top (or vice versa). Generally speaking, this switch will not be moved for a few years.
If you have seen an experienced serious power engineer in charge of the wiring of the distribution box, see inside dozens of rows of red, green, blue dense line of the thickness of different lines, you will feel that electrician is not just a light bulb that simple work of professional and technical jobs.
Many people think that a computer (or server) is directly plugged into the output socket on the UPS host, and in fact, many of the large UPS power inputs and outputs are distributed directly through the complex wire connections in the distribution cabinet.
Mains input, UPS input and output, are transferred in the distribution box. At the same time, the wires in the distribution box are led to the power sockets below each working seat. So some sockets are connected directly to the mains, and some sockets are connected to the UPS. Responsible for the renovation of the company, in each power outlet to indicate whether the mains or UPS power.
I didn't expect the power supply to be so complicated.
In a word, power is the source of power and security for all IT systems, an absolute infrastructure infrastructure.

2, in addition to the power supply, and then a must be indispensable, the same has not been the IT tube electronic system: telephone.
The telephone has what good to say, calls the telecommunication Bureau to install just. Note: The home phone system and the commercial telephone system are completely different concepts. A phone system for a 300-person securities company headquarters is not a simple thing. 300 people no one to step inside the phone, internal calls do not have money, to be able to dial an outside line. An internal telephone system with a branch office in a different place can be connected via an IP phone. Wait a minute.
The concept of in-house telephone SPC switching cannot be mentioned. Siemens ' products are the absolute boss. A household split air-conditioning outdoor machine size of the exquisite large box hanging on the wall of the computer room. One such box corresponds to 96 extension telephones (which is not clear, that is, the order of magnitude). A 300-person headquarters, which requires 4 of these boxes, can be cascaded together.
Telecom companies have dedicated rooms in each building. If you have applied to a telco for 32 straight-line phone capacity (so-called 30b+d's 2M bandwidth), then it will pull a coaxial cable from the dedicated computer room (The thick black copper core of the index finger) to your company's computer room, linked to the Siemens telephone SPC (the box hanging on the wall) inside.
32-door Straight line telephone capacity means that the internal 300 extension can only be at the same time 32 in the phone call with the outside line. 32-door phone will not have 32 phone numbers, usually give a few, but only a so-called beautiful (good remember, or 8 more), outsiders dozen inside the company as long as the number on the line, as long as the 32 line has an empty can be connected.
The telephone switch will have a large bundle of our common telephone lines, which are linked to the telephone dedicated wiring rack. It's not easy to figure out which two lines are the extension number.
Special wiring rack out, and then received the company network wiring cabinet (TV saw the room glass door 2 meters high, 0.8 meters wide, 1 meters thick iron cabinets, inside a lot of shelves, you can put the wiring rack, can be installed on the network switch, can be installed on the rack server) in the wiring rack, The wiring racks are then linked by a computer cable to the network sockets on the underside of each desk.
Previously, each person under the seat of the telephone line socket (narrow) and computer network cable sockets (a wide, so-called RJ45 interface) shape is different, now unified with the cable RJ45 socket. So be sure to mark which sockets are connected to the computer, which is to answer the phone, otherwise the light can not be judged by appearance.
Telephone sub-digital phone and analog phone, respectively, the telephone switch to the digital interface or analog interface. The price is not the same, the former is much more expensive than the latter. Inside foreign investment banks, exclusively digital telephones.
In addition, foreign investment banks specifically required telephone recording, a hundreds of thousands of yuan telephone recording system, by a IPC (Industrial control Rack PC) on the voice card connected to a number of telephone lines and to the telephone wiring rack (equivalent to the phone line eavesdropping), and then specialized recording software, A voice recorder that collects audio recordings directs a large-capacity hard drive. Burn to the disc on a regular basis. We sometimes call the bank to hear that our calls may be recorded, and that is how they are recorded, as important evidence of future business disputes.
In short, to do a good job in the internal telephone system, is a very complicated matter. Larger companies are managed by someone.

(turn) information--11 of Securities industry

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