UBUNTU16 Computer recommended Bluetooth problem terminal initial position

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The best computer recommendation for Ubuntu

The computer brand that best fits Ubuntu (or other Linux distributions) is Dell (Dell)
One of the most recommended is the XPS series (I hope some good people can send me this poor mountain children from one, crying)
Tip: In general, if a hardware does not support Ubuntu, it does not perform well on other Linux systems.

But before you buy a computer, check the fitness situation.
Reference page: Ubuntu PC Certified Hardware

MX Master Bluetooth Connectivity issues

After you connect your mouse to your computer, do

hciconfig hci0 sspmode 1hciconfig hci0 downhciconfig hci0 up

Reference document: Pairing a Logitech MX Master Mouse with Ubuntu 16.04 Using Bluetooth

Set the default location coordinates for the terminal
    1. Open a terminal and adjust it to the size and position you want.

    2. Execute xwininfo in the terminal, when the mouse becomes a cross, waiting for you to click the Terminal window with the mouse, click the Terminal window will appear terminal window information, note the last line, such as:-geometry 76x11-33-24

    3. System-preferences-keyboard shortcuts, click the Add button, Name: "Open a terminal (custom)", Command:
      Note that the value of--geometry=76x11-33-24 is obtained through the 2nd step.

    4. Set shortcut keys for this custom command, such as Ctrl+alt+t

Reference Document: Ubuntu Set default window size and position coordinates for terminal

Solve the problem that Ubuntu can't start Bluetooth

Install a software first

sudo apt-get install blueman  #就是这个blueman软件sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart  #重启blueman服务

And then reboot, if it doesn't work, shut down and turn it on.

Reference Document: Fix Ubuntu can't enable Bluetooth issue

To open a file using vscode from the command line

code example.txt

UBUNTU16 Computer recommended Bluetooth problem terminal initial position

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