Using filezilla[server+client] to build an FTP service under Windows

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FTP server, client open source, commercial very much, tried a lot, really feel filezilla good, popular, open source, stable, safe, high performance.

The following illustrated way to explain the quick start filezilla, here a few words, about the FTP can be understood, and FileZilla can be regarded as the two of the common package to use the software (server+client).

1. Download the package

FileZilla Server:

FileZilla client:

2.Windows next point to the exact installation method

3. Start FileZilla Server

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Figure 3-1

Start Menu bar 3-1 after installing filezillaserver and FileZilla FTP client under window. Start FileZilla Server starts the FTP server, and stop FileZilla server stops the FTP server. You can also set up filezillaserver boot-up by using the services in the Administration tool.

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" filezillaserver-01-configuration. png "alt=" wkiol1p_jx6hu0izaamkmddogby322.jpg "/>

Figure 3-2

As you can see, the client currently has two accounts logged into the server (Admin and anno)

4. Server-side configuration

4.1 Toolbar Description

The icon from the Red Callout section of Figure 3-1 is explained from left to right, which is arranged alphabetically (a-i)

A: Check indicate service online, do not select indicate service offline,offline disconnect all clients

B: Select indicate lock service, new client request will be rejected (return code 421 Server is locked.)

C: Server basic parameter setting

D: User Management

E: User Group Management

F: Help (about), server version and related information

H: Two icons '/C/' and ' C + ' Toggle Directory representation

I: The connection information of the client is sorted, 3-2 the following information is shown

4.2 Specific illustrations for the D and e two

(e) User group

650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" filezillaserver-03-user group. png "alt=" wkiol1p_k46gzfr1aagd4stwxca591.jpg "/>

Figure 4-1

As you can see in Figure 4-1, there are currently three groups: Admin,anon,use. On the right is the button for the read group action, which can be added, deleted, renamed, and copied to the group. The middle is the information that is set for the selected group. The group use can be derived from, enabled, maximum number of connections 10, each IP connection limit is 2, the description information is empty.

650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" filezillaserver-04-user group. png "alt=" wkiom1p_knfjnraxaai5jx6cn9e256.jpg "/>

Figure 4-2

Figure 4-2 shows the group use share folder (shared folder) information, in the Directory Add workspace (middle operation area) add directory through Add, remove to remove directory, rename rename directory, and through set as home Dir to set the selected directory as the home directory, of course, one group has only one home directory, and the other directories are added to the home directory as virtual directories. Adding a virtual path requires attention to the name of the alias, 4-3.

650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" filezillaserver-05-user group. png "alt=" wkiol1p_k4-bleioaajdlpnvpiu231.jpg "/>

Figure 4-3

When adding the virtual path, the main use of the full path, and then you can set an alias, alias with a '/' start, pay attention to the addition of virtual note do not loop add directory.

The above is mainly to add a directory, the operation of the directory permissions by selecting the Added directory entry, check the right side of the file and directories operation permissions.

(d) User

650) this.width=650; "Src=" " title= "filezillaserver-05-user. png" alt= "wkiom1p_mt6xosbtaahbwg8pnks876.jpg"/>

Figure 4-4

Figure 4-4 is the panel that configures the user it is not very different from the configuration user group, except that the "Password settings" and "group drop-down menus" are added.

The user's other mates are the same as the user group.

4.3 speedlimits and IP Filter

Speedlimits main control download and upload speed, IP filter is to control access to the FTP server IP address, you can add filtering and settings allowed.

5 Client Use

Client use is very simple and feature-rich, as shown in:

650) this.width=650; "Src=" " Title= "filezillaserver-06-client. png" alt= "wkiol1p_nzgjgkcaaarbgxnlmlq469.jpg"/> figure 5-1

1. Client access to FTP service necessary information (FileZilla client is extremely easy to use)

2. Client connection, Operation server response information

3. Multi-tab bar, can use multi-account multi-FTP service simultaneously

4. Local File System Resource Manager

5.FTP Service Explorer, where authorization information is displayed

6. Operation of the FTP Service resource status information, such as file queue, failed transfer, successful transmission

Just for FTP use, this article records the wonderful experience of using FileZilla. Remember a long time ago, should be just contact with the computer, the level of the switch and hao123 that will, listen to an FTP noun, want to build an FTP server, at that time with serv-u toss a long, also did not succeed. Now think about it, just once did not find FileZilla.

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Using filezilla[server+client] to build an FTP service under Windows

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