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After each reload system, a variety of security guards and anti-virus software are necessary protection tools, they can automatically intercept the process of some illegal programs to ensure the safety of the computer working environment. However, many times, we will choose to bypass the security software for installation, such as some test software, or game software. At this time worried that these software will affect the operation of the system, in fact, we can look at the process to monitor the software is not a problem, so as to ensure the security of the system.

Pull up the Process viewer

"Process" is a feature under Windows Task Manager, we can use it to completely shut down the program, to see the memory and CPU usage, and so on, there are two ways to start the process, one is through the combination of "Ctrl+alt+del" to bring up security items, in the Select "Process Manager" Select the tab to do so. The second method is to select the taskbar through the manager, in the blank taskbar, right-click, select "Start Task Manager", the method is more popular, method two more convenient, the effect is the same.

The default status shown in the "process" option in Figure 1, which has CPU and memory usage, is practical, by allowing them to know which programs are taking up too much memory to determine whether they are malicious plug-ins and so on. However, we find it difficult to find the file path of the corresponding program under "process" management, which brings trouble to further judgment. The next little story tells you how to change the status bar label.

Pull up more status options

First go to the process manager to find the process feature option, and then select View-Select columns on the toolbar under the Process feature options.

In the "Select Process Page column", we can see a variety of options, because the purpose is to know the specific file path of the process, so you need to check the "Mirror path name" and "command line" of these two, select the single machine OK. where "mirrored path name" is the detailed file path of the program process, and the second selected command line is to verify that the program is a cloaking program, by the way that the display state of Mirror path name and command line needs to match.

Later into Task Manager under the Task function table, see is the detailed usage, as well as the specific path of the program.

Method of verifying whether or not a suspect program

When we see a program in the process that consumes memory and the CPU file is too large, then need to be vigilant, note the "image name" under the corresponding program name, search on the Internet, because the Internet has virus programs and Trojans of the specific information base, as well as users provide a message, so it is easier to detect loopholes, Once found to be illegal procedures, only to be based on the corresponding path, open the file, remove its running permissions or directly deleted, can achieve the effect of radical, so you can be assured that the use of the computer.

Because the WIN7 System optimizes task Manager and is more open, it is easier to view the process, while other systems cannot view it in the above way. Friends are advised to regularly monitor the process to protect computer security.

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