Vue Packaging WebApp Essentials

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One, the Vue source code settings
1) src in the configuration of the Router model: ' History ' to be removed, that is, the Address bar reserved "#".
2) Config's index about build configuration Assetspublicpath: './' attention to add.
If the above two items are not set to, then, packaging out of the WebApp is blank, hehe.

Second, Hbuilder pack the process of Android
1) Open the directory and select the Dist directory generated by NPM run build in Vue.
2) Right click on the directory, "Convert to mobile app", the icon in the directory tree changes from W to A.
3) In the directory tree appears manifest.json, double-click, configuration (such as basic information, icon configuration, boot pictures, etc.), save.
4) "Release"--"cloud package-Play native Install package", submit package task (for user experience, remove ads. Choose an Android certificate).
5) Distribute the resulting apk file.
Select index.html in the Catalog tree, then "Run"--"browser run", so you can debug your code in Chrome.

If the web is purely mobile, and no device is involved, packaging an android is basically over.

Vue Packaging WebApp Essentials

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