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As a web design beginner, have you ever been confused about choosing a good design software? Did someone recommend FrontPage to you, because FrontPage is Microsoft's trump card, the web-made veteran, should use FrontPage. But someone told you Dreamweaver is the most popular web-making, his influence on web design can not be underestimated, should use Dreamweaver.

Many people are arguing over how much they like a software. But if you think about it, why don't you play both of the strengths?

We can explain the combination of FrontPage and Dreamweaver from various aspects of the Web page.

1, structure

The architecture of Web pages is one of the keys to the success of web design. Like a beautiful kite, it also needs a scientific design skeleton. Friends who have used FrontPage know that while Microsoft is seeing what it sees, it often appears that the structure of our design is good but there are "parts" in the preview. And Dreamweaver is doing a lot better than FrontPage in this area. Therefore, in the overall design phase of the Web page, I suggest that you use Dreamweaver. When we make a temporary change in the way we build the structure and decide to add a picture, a small framework needs to be redesigned. If you use Dreamweaver again, he will only add or remove a mesh, the shape is not scattered in the situation. This time, you need to use the FrontPage "Eraser" and "Draw line" tools to help you. Make your Web site elegant and reasonable design. In the design process of the structure, we often encounter the problem of how to design the form more beautiful. If you use FrontPage, we must constantly use the right key to change the grid properties. If you use dreamweaver such things will not happen, because the Dreamweaver toolbar is floating on our design panel, so we can make changes, save a lot of trouble.

2, source code

We all know that any Web page that has been designed to get the software you have has its own unreasonable place. A web designer only know how to use the software is not, but also learn to edit the source code of the Web page, such a Web page can be more elegant. Using Dreamweaver's friends all know that Dreamweaver although the design of the web is beautiful. But he himself in the process of creating the Web page of the source code interface is very vague. If you use FrontPage this time, you can avoid this behavior. In FrontPage's source file entry, when we look at the source code of the Web page, the source code is scattered, and a variety of different programs such as JavaScript, Java, CSS and so on are showing a variety of different colors. This will allow us to change the source code of the Web page. But FrontPage also has its drawbacks in this area, such as the ASP code embedded in our web pages. If you see a blank space in the FrontPage editing format, we often don't know where to edit the code. In the Dreamweaver edit state we can see a variety of code tags, generally shown as yellow small marks. When we select it, we can easily change our embedding code in the source file state. This is the Dreamweaver and FrontPage in the source code changes when the use of the method, we recommend flexibility to master.

3, Decoration

Every web page is like a piece of art, and his work should be finely crafted and then radiant. Dreamweaver is far less good than FrontPage in terms of Web modification. For example, we often use the Insert search box, Drop-down box, etc. in Web page making. If the simple use effect is very simple. If you use some of the necessary decorations, our web page will be bright and shiny. Using a FrontPage-decorated border is much prettier and more personalized than Dreamweaver. Every web designer wants to design their own web pages as small as possible, if he uses FrontPage, then there are more redundant code, on the contrary, Dreamweaver redundant code is relatively few. At the end of the finishing phase of the Web page, we recommend that you use Dreamweaver.

finally need to remind everyone: in Dreamweaver and FrontPage in the process of editing a file, Dreamweaver often jump out of the prompts, ask you whether to save the modified file, this time must see clearly the decision!

Every software has its reasons for being loved and maintained for a long time. Don't hesitate to use Dreamweaver or FrontPage. In the process of doing web pages, both open it, you will find that they are your good friends!

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