What does IIS mean by how many users share an application pool?

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In the admin zone--the definition of a virtual host product, you can set a pool number of people

On a single server, the total number of general pools should not be more than 20 per cent of performance.

As a result, the pool becomes a valuable resource.  

The fewer common people in a pool, the higher the stability and performance of the pool, the pool share should be linked to the charges, that is, the higher the charge, the smaller the pool's total number.  

Generally, you can consider the 100-yuan virtual host products, 50 people share. 1000 Yuan of 5 people share.  

For a rented server (the total number of sites is less than 30), can consider pool number of people set to 1, so that is a site a pool, a site in a pool, the host panel will automatically increase the "Recycle pool Function", "Set up FSO function", such users will have more powerful control capabilities.  

For users who make free virtual hosts, the total number can be set to 20000 (20,000), which ensures that all sites are placed in one pool, which can greatly reduce memory usage.  

The general principle is that the more the pool, the more memory will be used, but the more stable a single site, the less the pool, the less memory used, but the stability of a single site declined.  

If you already have hundreds of sites, if you want to adjust it is cumbersome, you can use the following tools to reassign the application pool to solve.

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