What if the administrator's account is missing from the Windows XP system?

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What if the administrator account is missing from the Windows XP system? Under normal circumstances, we can not only use the Administrator account to login to the XP system, you can also create a new account for the login operation. But what if a recent user discovers that the original administrator account disappears after the new account is created? have user feedback, select press and hold Ctrl+alt key + two times Press del Key, can also pop-up account login window, but sometimes will find no effect, can not solve the problem. Then please refer to the following methods to solve it!


The method is as follows:

1, click "Start-Run", enter "regedit" command and press ENTER;

2. In the Open Registry Editor window, expand the following registered entry in the left:

Hkey_local_machine--software--microsoft--windows nt--currentversion--winlogon--specialaccounts--userlist;

3, on the right side of the window right key administrator, choose to modify;

4, in the Open Modification window, select Decimal, in the Numeric data text box, enter 1.

The above is an introduction to the solution of the problem of the XP administrator account disappearing. If you are trying to hold down the Ctrl+alt key + two times press the DEL Key has not been pop-up account Login window, you may wish to follow the above method settings to see. Hope to be able to help all the needy friends!

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