What is a Web site host?

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We are in the construction station, will inevitably use the host, the host is divided into virtual host and VSP host, the host to SEO what impact? Host to the impact of SEO is very important, choose a good host for the site operation and optimization is self-evident. If you don't know the domain name yet, see what the domain name is. today Luoyang seo for everyone to introduce what is the site host, how to choose?

Virtual Host

Virtual host is a network server on the separation of certain disk space for users to place sites, application components, etc., to provide the necessary site functions, data storage and transmission functions. The so-called virtual host, also known as "web Space", is to put a server running on the Internet into a number of "virtual" servers, each virtual host has a separate domain name and a complete Internet server (support WWW, FTP, e-mail, etc.) function. Virtual host is the Gospel of network development, which greatly promotes the application and popularization of network technology. At the same time, the rental service of virtual host has become a new economic form in the network age. Renting a virtual host is similar to renting a house.

VSP Host

A VPS (Virtual private server) technology that splits a server into a high-quality service for multiple virtual exclusive servers. Each VPS can be assigned an independent public IP address, a standalone operating system, a separate oversized space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution programs, and a standalone system configuration. In addition to the user can allocate more than one virtual host and unlimited Enterprise mailbox, more independent server function, you can install the program, a separate restart server. The best choice for high-end virtual hosting users. You are no longer affected by other user programs, resulting in a more equitable allocation of resources, far less than the failure rate of the virtual host. We can apply for a space domain name network.

What are the advantages of virtual hosting and VPS hosting?

So-called VPS host, a lot of webmaster friends may not know, this is a server divided into a number of virtual exclusive servers of new products. Each VPS host can be assigned to a separate IP address and operating system, and has a separate large space and memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution programs and so on, users in addition to the allocation of multiple virtual host space and unlimited enterprise mailbox, more independent server features, you can install the desired program yourself , is a lot of webmasters do the preferred site.

But we also know that the current site is still a traditional virtual host compared to many. So, VPS host and traditional host compared to what advantages? VPS Advantages include:

Operating system Independence: Virtual host is a lot of people share a server, and VPS host has its own independent operating system, I want to upgrade on the upgrade, want to install software can be installed, more free.

Safety. Virtual host is because the system is incomplete, because once the space inside the site is attacked or be punished by Baidu, it is easy to affect their own site, and VPS host does not exist this annoyance.

Additional services. VPS Hosting can provide webmftp and other services, but also can configure their own environment and installation gradually and so on.

Resource Hyper-Quota usage: VPS allows you to consume more resources than the system limits, and also to ensure that the machine can function properly.

Provides a control panel. VPS Host upgrade is very convenient, and can manage and use the Barrier diagnostic tool, can self-restart, repair, backup and so on. The operations journal can help administrators identify when errors occur and remove obstacles.

  How to choose a good virtual host?

What kind of virtual host is good? The main points are: speed, security, after-sales service, configuration, in the choice of virtual space when you can free trial virtual host series products, worry and effort, satisfaction after payment, eliminate your worries, The following small series on the analysis of how to choose a virtual host to pick the best for your site.

First, select the regular IDC virtual hosting provider

In general, the business of large network companies does not change frequently, avoiding the fact that the host provider suddenly changes the scope of the business so that you do not get the corresponding services. Moreover, the big network company is located in the engine room general condition is good. However, due to the large number of customers, there will often be a host to put a lot of sites, resulting in slow server speed.

Second, understanding the limitations of the host is very important

Some virtual hosting providers tend to turn off some of the most important server features for "security" or other reasons. This can be very influential in running large Web sites, such as a PHP host that does not support the fopen () feature, and cannot run a system like a self-service web system that requires Web pages to be generated. Fsockopen () closed the PHP virtual host, you can not make the domain name query, limit the SendMail () of the host can not send e-mail, and so on. So, especially for some inexpensive hosts, it's best to be tested.

Third, note whether there is a flow limit

When renting a host, pay attention to whether there is a traffic limit to avoid access to the site once the traffic is increased.

Iv. after-sales service is timely

The most troublesome during the use of virtual host is the site can not access, if you do not know the technology, you need to know whether the service provider around the clock to provide professional technical and service support. The first time to accept your problems and emergencies, 0 delay response to any of your needs and provide solutions.

Billion Grace technology has high-quality virtual host computer room hardware, using the Dell High-provisioning server, 8-core Xeon CPU, Gigabit firewall, gigabit exclusive access to bandwidth, security and stability. Zhongyuan region The most professional data center, professional technical team, perfect service system, to protect your network security environment, to provide fast, stable, high-security virtual host running network environment.

Well, the above is Luoyang SEO for everyone to introduce what is the site host? Popularize the host knowledge, hope to novice or build station friends to help. If you do not understand, you can refer to this article http://www.wzqseo.com/seoyh/wangzhan/179.html host on the impact of SEO.

The article by Luoyang website construction for everybody to arrange, reprint marked the source, thanks

What is a Web site host?

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