What is the difference between a wireless internet card and a wireless NIC?

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What is the difference between a wireless internet card and a wireless NIC? Is it a thing? Believe that this is a lot of wireless internet novice doubt, although the wireless network card design is more and more convenient and flexible, but it is inevitable that many people are puzzled, in fact, wireless card and wireless network card is completely different from two things, the role is not the same, Beginners need to learn more about wireless networking to be more enjoyable to surf the web, let's look at their differences and use:

1, the first distinction between wireless network card and wireless on the network card. The function and function of "Wireless Internet card" is equivalent to wired modem, which is called "cat". It can connect to the Internet using a mobile phone's SIM card anywhere it has a radiotelephone signal covered. The function of "wireless network card" is the same as that of ordinary computer network card, it is used to connect to LAN. It is only a signal to send and receive equipment, only in the Internet to find the export of the connection to the Internet, all wireless network card can only be limited to the scope of the wireless LAN has been installed

2, if not broadband, you can go to China Unicom to buy "wireless Internet card" directly plugged into the computer can be wireless internet, the actual speed of CDMA: to 153.6Kbps, is home telephone line online four times times. But the internet is much slower than the wireless card.

3, to apply for broadband wireless Internet access, notebook must have "wireless network card", in addition to a wireless router.

The establishment of a home infrastructure wireless network, wireless card settings and Ad-hoc network similar, the main attention should be paid to the following points.

Wireless card settings (1): In the lower right corner of the Windows desktop, the wireless network card icon in the toolbar can be set for the main parameters of the wireless network card. In the network mode option, select "Infrastructure" mode, which is the mode in which the wireless network card is connected to the wireless AP.

Wireless card settings (2): If you set the wireless router DHCP server for dynamic allocation of IP, then do not for the wireless network card in the TCP/IP protocol to specify the IP address, so as not to gild the lily. The DHCP server automatically assigns IP addresses to the wireless network adapters. The wireless client computer can be restarted if the wireless network card and the wireless router DHCP server of the newly joined wireless system do not have the IP address "synchronized".

Wireless card settings (3): According to the wireless card on the light or the lower right corner of the Windows Desktop Toolbar wireless network card icon to determine whether the wireless network card and wireless router normal connectivity. In general, the display of red indicates that the wireless network is not connected, such as green shows that the wireless network has been searched and normal Unicom.

In the SSID-related option, if the wireless router has broadcast mode set, it can be selected as the "any (the Available Access point)" Automatic detection mode. If there is no broadcast SSID, fill in the SSID name that you set yourself in the wireless router.

USB Port Wireless network card

First of all, need to buy wireless network card! There are Netcom's wireless card, which is a mobile card, directly can be used, very convenient. After you insert the wireless card, follow the prompts to install the associated driver. A computer with a wireless network card is automatically searched for the associated wireless network, and then the user clicks on the connection to easily connect to the wireless LAN for file sharing and Internet connectivity.

When the user clicks the icon for the wireless network status in the lower-right corner, a window appears that shows the connection speed of the network and the strength of the signal. In this window, you can also learn about information that is assigned to the local address and the router's gateway through the router DHCP. The IP address of the network card is automatically distinguished by the AP.

There are two conditions can be, one is now mobile GPRS, can also use Unicom's CDMA. Then, a monthly subscription. The second is that you need a wireless AP or wireless route. For example, in a local area network, when you insert a crystal head into a wireless AP or route, your computer will tell you to find a wireless network. Then you click on the connection to let Windows automatically manage the wireless network. In the future, once you get into the wireless range, it will automatically connect.

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