What is your definition of the database administrator?

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What is your definition of the database administrator? Ben Kubisek, 2017/09/05 today, we have an editorial job for Steve's trip to the UK. OK, I know the simple answer is the database administrator, but what is its role? What would you say if you had to describe it as a non-technician? DBAs can have many different roles and functions. Some of the roles or features I've seen: Installing SQL Server, managing server performance including disk space utilization, backup management, access control and user rights and roles, managing replication and always/multiple failover clustering and performance tuning/indexing, SQL work, alerting, Database Mail, releasing database scripts. I think these can be called core DBA responsibilities. I also see that some DBAs have some other responsibilities depending on the size of the company you work with, and these things can be multiple database developers such as creating tables, views, functions, and stored procedures. Or something more important in the field of data architects, such as database design, schemas, normalization of tables, keys, and indexes. Sometimes, a DBA might manage an SSIS package that extracts data from a database (building a high-performance data integration solution). Other times, they may need to do some reports that may use SSRS or other reporting tools. As you get more into the BI environment, there may be data warehouses and ETL packages to manage. I'm sure I haven't been a DBA yet because there is one missing. In my previous work, I was hired as a. NET developers, but also for database development. It was a very small store, and I was one of the most experienced in the database. Before I knew it, I was installing SQL Server, setting up backup and managing SQL Server performance, and so on. It took me nine years to do the job, and about two-thirds of the work was done for the company or the client I worked for, the DBA, the database architect, or the database developer. No one really asked me to do this, I just put in when I saw the need. Now some people are going to do a minimum of work at work. They just want to glide down the line in the radar. These people, when they as DBAs, may be competent to work. The database server is running and so on, but this is not the DBA I want to define. I think defining a good DBA is a person who is willing and ready to put in and go beyond the description of his job. They are managing their core responsibilities, but are also willing to help with other aspects of what can be considered DBA work mentioned above. They are not afraid to learn new things. They are team members who want to see the project succeed, and they are willing to roll up their sleeves and stain their hands in the process. How do you define a database administrator? What are your current job responsibilities and roles?


What is your definition of the database administrator?

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