When the SPA single page application meets the SEO, the experience of the egg pain

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The advantages of Spa single page application is of course undeniable: cool effect, I in the vision and products in front of no retort; high performance speed, all JS of course fast, I am in the transport and peacekeeping products in front of speechless; Operation dispersed, asynchronous loading, and provincial hardware and traffic, I in the development and products before the total surrender; JS front and rear end, A person doing a station job--on this, I cry like a child in front of the boss, HR and product. In short, in the various ways of the horse, I have the Web site revision, a spa was born. The problem follows: I found all the pages have become a full JS generation; All the URLs are split in front of the parameters, the third party statistics system can no longer work, the PC and mobile fitness is all invalid; everyone is happy, only you, do SEO, do site optimization, want to cry without tears. I'm a pain in the egg, too.
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