Why the IT industry is so hot and still short of talent

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As we all know, IT industry is a high-paying industry, but also a lot of people's dream career, in the world's top ten industries in the industry the IT industry ranked first.

But now a lot of people have a question:

Almost every university has computer-related majors, and the number of technicians trained each year is more than 200,000, so why do so many people have a shortage of talents?

The shortage of technical personnel in the industry can be said to be a completely indisputable fact, and it is easy to answer this question.

First of all, let's assume that all more than 200,000 it technicians can meet the needs of the enterprise, and they can fill the entire industry nearly 200,000 of the talent needs.

But the IT Internet is growing at a faster pace than ever before, with the number of new technology talent gaps in the millions. The number of people trained every year can be said to be a total drop in the bucket.

IT professionals need to increase, for many of us, is a good chance to overtake the corners. Proficient in a programming language, mastering an IT technology will have more employment choices.

1, development: policy-driven

The policy of "Thirteen-Five" planning will continue to drive the development of IT industry.

2016 is the "Thirteen-Five" implementation of the Year, "All the way" the construction of the IT industry to open up new markets, to create a new pattern, continue to information construction.

In addition, the establishment of High-tech zones, the creation of service outsourcing industry Demonstration Park policies are also driving the development of IT industry.

2. Employment: A greater choice of space

The information management makes the employment scope of IT technical talents more extensive.

Now a small scale of enterprises to save a large number of information, database, enterprise information and other management is more common, it talent to choose the general enterprise to engage in Information department work is also a good choice.

3, enterprises to attract technical talents with a raise

The lack of it talent, many enterprises choose to use pay increases to attract skilled personnel, reduce it talent loss.

At the same time, also reduce technical personnel, the use of the way to retain talent, training talent, this stage, conducive to the transformation of programmers, entrepreneurship to seek better development.

4, entrepreneurship: increased demand, platform to provide channels

Many programmers and software engineers choose to work with friends to start a company project.

Now big companies have more projects to outsource, and more small businesses will outsource the software development module. Programmers are very suitable for starting a business.

5, Job-hopping: More choices for better opportunities for development

As the core of software development, it technicians must keep the talents as far as possible, especially the programmers who are familiar with the company's business, and the enterprise is willing to keep it through salary increase.

The programmer job-hopping, the enterprise wants to recruit a person to become familiar with the business, the time cost and the recruitment cost is also very big.

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